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Navy Rank

Kye is the captain of the crew The Angels of Mercy and queen of the flag Heavenly Guardians on the Sage Ocean.

When Kye first started out as a pirate, she joined the crew East Australian Current. There, she made many friends including Shameesha, one of the senior officers.

The captain of the East Australian Current was dormant for a long while, so Shameesha decided to take things into her own hands and create a new crew, The Black Phoenix. Kye and many of the other former members of East Australian Current joined The Black Phoenix out of loyalty to Shameesha. However, Shameesha left YPP, so Roozie, one of the senior officers, was voted in as the new captain. Roozie found that she was not ready to carry an entire crew on her own, so passed the captainship on to Kye.

Kye made her own rules for the crew and started recruiting new pirates and making the crew come alive again. However, Kye felt like the crew was not truly hers, so she pursued her dream of creating her own crew. Shparkz, another senior officer of Black Phoenix and also a good hearty of Kye, took over the crew in order for her to be able to start her own crew, The Angels of Mercy. After some time had passed, Shparkz and Kye decided that they didn't want to have two separate crews and therefore merged The Black Phoenix with The Angels of Mercy into one big happy crew.

Pirates can find Kye hanging out on the Admiral Island docks doing a spot of dock tarting or playing Hide and Seek on an uninhabited island with her crew and flag mates. Kye made a flag called the Heavenly Guardians of which she is now queen