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Roozie is senior officer of the crew The Angels of Mercy and flag member of Heavenly Guardians on the Sage Ocean. She is also an officer in the crew Beyond The Sea and a member of the flag EAC on the Hunter Ocean.


  • Placed as a runner up in the Fantasy Island contest and therefore became an Island designer


Roozie started her pirate career on the Cobalt ocean in November 2005. She played there for three weeks, but when she found out that Cobalt was a subscriber ocean and that her trial period soon would run out she moved to Sage. At first she jumped between crews a lot, having a hard time getting friends fast.

One day she joined East Australian Current and this time she didn't leave. She got friends and worked hard to become officer. Unfortunately the crew became quite a mess just after she became officer and the captain and senior officers all became dormant. Things were like this for about 3 months before a mate of Roozie's decided to start a new crew.

Roozie and many members of East Australian Current moved to the new one, The Black Phoenix. By this time Roozie was rather experienced with the game. After another mess with this new crew, Roozie suddenly became captain as the previous captain became dormant. In the end of October 2006 she gave up her captain duty and handed it over to one of her senior officers, Kye, and short after that she also left the crew.

After some time in another crew, she began to miss her old friends and decided to join Kyes new crew, The Angels of Mercy. As a good and trustworthy friend she became senior officer upon joining.

Some time around her leaving of The Black Phoenix, she did also start to work on her pirate also named Roozie on the Hunter ocean. She found her old captain and SO Squirt and Crush from her first time in game, from the East Australian Current on Sage. A bit after that she felt that she had began to play far too much and took a break from YPP, for about half a year. When she came back she joined up into the crew Beyond the Sea on Hunter. A few weeks after her joining, she got promoted to officer.

Islands Designed

Roozie is one of the winners of the Fantasy Island Contest. Her excellent design work can be seen at Striga Cay, on the Meridian ocean (as well as on the retired/merged Malachite ocean).

Zachey Island
Runner Up in Fantasy Island contest
by Roozie