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Karpion was last a fleet officer of the crew Relaxing Pirates and a member of the flag Sunny Places on the Midnight Ocean.



Karpion is one of the few active Alpha tester players left in the game. He started in the Draconian Pirates in Azure. At the beginning of Midnight, he formed the Diamond Dogs and soon joined the legendary flag of No Homers. Several crews later, he made a home in The Imperial Fists. While serving as royalty in the No Homers for a year and a half he helped to capture Gaea as their home island; assisted in the organisation of the return of the 24 hour Bash on Gaea; and played an important role in managing the flag's shoppes. When the flag merged with Northern Lights to form Heavens Aligned, he stepped down to Lord.

He is now the proud owner and operator of Keel Haulers and Dye Me a River on Gaea. He was the acting Governor of Gaea Island in the Emerald Archipelago, until August 2005 when it was eventually lost to Notorious Fandango. His crew eventually merged into Knights of the Republic and quietly resided in Notorious Fandango.

Later Karpion left the Knights of the Republic and became a senior officer in the crew Keel Appeal, of the flag Broadside Thrillride.