Sunny Places

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Sunny Places at a Glance
Cerulean Ocean
Monarch Piranne of Relaxing Pirates
Member crew(s) Blue Dolphins, Crustacean Nation, Haunted Bandits, Lucky's Charm, My World, Pirates of Penskepants, Relaxing Pirates, The Sea Dogs
Founded 29 May, 2004
Allies The Long Way Home
Wars None
Last updated on 21 October, 2016
Favicon.png Flag Info
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Sunny Places is a flag of the Cerulean Ocean originally of the Midnight Ocean. It is a non-political flag that was founded on May 29, 2004 by Piranne and Seattlebrian of Relaxing Pirates.


After having problems with politics and war after their original crew (The Sea Dogs of X Marks the Spot) on the Midnight Ocean joined the flag Equinox, Piranne and Seattlebrian decided it was time to create a relaxing place for pirates. First used as an alt flag and crew to hide in during blockades, Sunny Places became a permanent flag after the breakup of Equinox. Some mates from the other flag either joined the Relaxing Pirates in Sunny Places or joined with an alt pirate. The crew The Sea Dogs went back to X Marks the Spot for a short time, but eventually they joined Sunny Places as well, after also growing tired of politics and constant blockades.

Over time, many pirates, crews and flags have temporarily joined with Sunny Places for anywhere from a couple weeks to several months for many different reasons, and always finding a Sunny Place to relax and find joy for the game again.


Mates who join the flag are allowed to job or not for blockades and flotillas for whoever they want but as a flag Sunny Places will not be blockading any islands or asking for any allies. The only exception to the allies rule is the flag The Long Way Home. The only member of that flag is an old crewmate from Relaxing Pirate who left the game and has a way to keep in touch if she ever decides to come back. Sunny Places was started as a "no PvP" flag, but over time PvP has become allowed as long as it is not done in an aggressive manner. But, PvP remains rare in the flag since it is much more profitable to attack brigands.

Public statement

Ahoy all ye lice infested pirates out there in Midnight. We be a fair and pleasant flag, enjoying the Sunny Places in the ocean and are not lookin' to pick any fights. But, should ye dare to poke us with a sharp stick, you might be answered with cannon fire.

We have a great variety of pirates and have people from many timezones. Some trader, some shop keepers, some tournament seekers, some brigand hunters, and some dock tarters. The one thing we all have in common is enjoying being around each other.

PvP is not allowed against crews in the flag without permission first. PvP outside of the flag is a decision left up to each crew. Crews are encouraged to pillage and have fun with everyone in the flag. We respect our crewmates property.

No tribute is expected to go to the flag. Shops and stalls are encouraged to be run and owned at the crew level. Discounts are encouraged for the flag, but not required. And foragers are encouraged to sell to flag merchants, provided they buy at close to fair market value.

We are a happy family, maybe a bit dysfunctional at times, but who'd want to live in the Brady Bunch. Pirates are free to socialize and pillage with whatever crews or flags they wish. If you like the pirates from our flag that are jobbing with you, then your crew might want to join us. Contact a member of the royalty to join, or if you are having issues with one of our member crews

We always look for more crews in the flag who fit in our pirate family, we are not active in ocean politics or going for islands or making alliances, that way we keep the Sunny Places very sunny.

Shops and stalls, owned by members of the Sunny Places Flag

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Type Name Island
Icon apothecary.png
Seattlebrian's Apothecary Stall Gaea Island
Kasparic's Apothecary Stall Zeta Island
Icon distillery.png
Rum's the World Spring Island
Piranne's Distilling Stall Gaea Island
Kasparic's Distilling Stall Zeta Island
Sahie's Distilling Stall Cranberry Island
Sahie's Distilling Stall Midsummer
Xenia's Distilling Stall Guava Island
Icon furnisher.png
Plant a Futon Dry Land Gaea Island
Icon iron monger.png
Bangers and Slash Spring Island
Greeble's Ironworking Stall Gaea Island
Smilingnan's Ironworking Stall Park Island
Wahwah's Ironworking Stall Zeta Island
Icon shipyard.png
Charon's Ferries Cnossos Island
Kasparic's Shipbuilding Stall Zeta Island
Meersus's Shipbuilding Stall Cranberry Island
Icon tailor.png
Off the Rock Gaea Island
Silkie's Tailoring Stall Gaea Island
Aquasilkie's Tailoring Stall Gaea Island
Kahlida's Tailoring Stall Zeta Island
Icon weavery.png
To Be or Knot To Be Gaea Island
I'll Beweave It When I Sea It Zeta Island
Piranne's Weaving Stall Gaea Island
Belannaroxan's Weaving Stall Cnossos Island