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Jinxplus started on the Sage Ocean during 2006.

Contributions and Accomplishments


Aka Jinxy, Junx, Kinx (yay typo's) and oi you! Has been the captain of Just Because since she created the crew in November 2007, this was after her previous crew No Submission got merged in her forced absence (darn internet peoples like to be paid).

Is friendly to everyone and not so friendly to beggars, idiots and people who randomly job her for no apparent reason. Occasionally has free hearty spots and if she likes you she'll find a spot specially. Sometimes can be found out moving commods, rarely pillages as she tires easily of the random jobbers who leave at really stoopid times. Likes to relax by pokering and spends her winnings (on a good day) by buying shippies to drive in Atlantis and CI's. Take her into a flotilla and she'll more than likely sink though. Drove on a randomly regular basis for Good Grief with varying success, will also come play at other peoples parties if she isn't having a shy moment lol.

Currently the owner of two familiars, both won in sail competitions. Zeil was her first, a tan/lime parrot and Wibble is her second, a lime octopus. A hearty had Zeil to hold and managed to get himself purged while holding him, Jinx has since won another parrot (tan/purple) and named him Zeil II.

Has also suffered all injuries except a hook, and repaired them too *sticks tongue out at the injury hunters*.