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Jessoleil is a pirate on the Sage Ocean.


Jessoleil started her piratey life as a member of Sealords of Sage in the flag Imperial Rednecks. There, she started learning the fine art of Sea Monster Hunt XO'ing with her Naver, Littlemike. After teaming up with Zorrofini and Littlemike, the three of them left Sealords to form their own crew, Krakken's Wrath, and then subsequently, the flag Midknight Sun. There, Jessoleil was a senior officer and princess, and was content to run monster hunts and pilly her heart out. Soon after, Zorrofini took a break, and Littlemike started his own SMH Crew, so Jessoleil stepped up and took over as captain and queen. Since the founding members weren't around anymore, she didn't feel right about keeping the crew name, so she changed it to Endless Dawn. From there, the crew has grown, and gotten into the fun that is blockading. After much thought, she merged her crew into her flaggy Belt's crew Infinite Darkness, so that she could concentrate on politiking and other fun things, like CIs.

Jessoleil still XO's and JC's when needed, but is generally found running amuck amuck amuck with her flaggies and causing a rukus wherever one is needed.

The Randoms

  • Monkey Familiar named Buttercup...
  • Serpent Familiar named Isis that was won for foraging, and another that was won for foraging as well named Osiris that can be seen on Belt's shoulder, along with another Serp which is wandering the ocean, which was won for Carpentry in a CI
  • XO, MAA, JC for hire...