Midknight Sun

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Midknight Sun at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Monarch Aurorakim of Just for Fun
Member crew(s) Bonded by Blood, Crusty Crusaders, Disillusioned, Evil Tart, The Fifth Element, Goddess of Chaos, Just for Fun, Lunar Pirates, Mango Republic, Pun Intended, Queen of Tarts, Rival, Seasirens of Sage, Sith Order of Decreto, sixties booty snatchers, Weebles
Islands controlled

Ashkelon Arch
Basset Island

Founded 11 November, 2008
Allies Black Flag, Illuminatti, Notorious
Wars None
Last updated on 14 October, 2016
Favicon.png Flag Info
Flags-Midknight Sun.jpg

Midknight Sun is a flag on the Emerald Ocean.

Public statement

We apologize for the problem in the subtitles... those responsible have been sacked.

Extended public statement

Come sail away, come sail away with the Midknight Sun.....

We are tight knit and we're all about the basics and we tend to focus on our own fun i.e. pillies, SMH's,and CI's...although we love to help out where we're needed.

Always looking for new crews to come join us in our avalanche of fun, so if you think our flag is a good fit, talk to a royal and we'll see what we can do for you!

Come check out our flag hall on Admiral <3

Flag stalls:

  • TheIrishmick's Tailoring Stall
  • MatFil's Iron Monger Stall
  • Aurorakim's Weavery Stall
  • Yozora's Apothecary Stall
  • Abaft Brigs Shipyard Shoppe
  • Realpirat's Iron Monger Stall
  • Edicius' Iron Monger Stall
  • Caress Me Gown Tailoring Shoppe
  • Blue Suede Shoes Tailoring Shoppe
  • Jessoleil's Apoth Stall
  • Edicius' Iron Monger Stall
  • Piraterufus's Iron Monger Stall
  • Space Cruisers Shipyard
  • Aurorakim's Apothecary Stall
  • Aurorakim's Distillery Stall
  • Aurorakim's Ironworking Stall