Island panel

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Island Panel.png

The island panel on the sunshine widget holds abundant information about the island a pirate is on. If the pirate is on a ship, the Vessel panel is shown instead. If the pirate is in a shoppe or a house, the Shoppe panel is shown instead.

The island panel shows:

If the island is inhabitable and not currently set as home, there will be a button that allows a pirate to move there and become part of that island's populace. In addition, that pirate may whisk to that island whenever he or she so wishes by clicking the "Go home" button on the Ye panel.

As with all sunshine panels, PoE (and, if applicable, doubloon) totals are displayed at the bottom.

Historical notes

Before there were different sizes of islands, the island panel didn't show the size of the island.

At one time, the panel showed the pirate's distance from the docks.