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The population of an island is the number of pirates that have set that island, or a building on that island, as their home and are not dormant (have logged on in the last 10 days). The amount of taxes that shoppes and stalls must pay at that island are partially proportional to the population of that island. The islands must meet minimum infrastructure requirements, and have a population of greater than 250, before greenies will "spawn" there.

Since one account may house multiple pirates, termed alts, the population of an island does not necessarily correspond to the number of actual players who have set their home on that island. Likewise, the sum of all island populations does not reflect the number of actual players who play on that ocean.


  • The waters around highly populated islands are often busy with merchant brigands bringing commodities to the island. In addition player ships will frequent the waters around these islands, spawning brigand and barbarian ships. Many officers prefer sailing from well-populated islands, causing a subsequent increase in player versus player battles around the island as well.
  • Governorship of a highly populated island is a very desirable position, but a costly one to defend in a blockade.
  • Islands that can spawn greenies typically have a much higher population.