Release 2008-08-27

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Fruits of yer Labor

From the Release Notes:
  • New Puzzle - Foraging - clear the crates to collect the fruit, gems, and gold. Replaces the old click-to-forage mechanism.
  • Fleet Officers and above (and deed holders) can create foraging offers to pay their crew for the commodities they forage, and these can be posted to the notice board.
  • Only fleet officers and above (and deed holders) can now conduct trading voyages or set the vessel to be transported by swabbies.
  • Sound changes
    • Added drinking puzzle intro song
    • Added intro music
    • Added intro music for most types of buildings
    • Added ambient sounds while on docks/vessels
    • Increase number of sound levels on the volume control
  • Rapacious bands of monkeys have been sighted on the oceans. Early reports indicate they target ships battling amongst themselves while heavily laden with commodities.
  • Gem sales prices now begin much higher and slowly drop in price.
  • Carrying large numbers of gems on your vessel (25 or more) can attract the attention of gem thieves who may sneak aboard and take a portion of your stash of gems.
  • Gold Ore has been replaced by Gold Nuggets, which are 1/10 the size and value and 10 times as easily found. Existing recipes have been switched over to use 10 times as many nuggets as they did ore and existing ore has been broken into nuggets.
  • Performance enhancements intended to address some of the recent lag issues
  • Tweaked Treasure Haul scoring
  • Allow the newer colors to be used on trinkets and wrapped presents from the palace shoppe.
  • Allow pets to join pirates in portraits.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed a bug that allowed furniture to sometimes leave behind a prop when rearranged in certain ways.
    • Fixed bugs with puzzle competition countdown timer and disconnects