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Finazzie, or Finny, as her close friends and family name her, is a pirate of Wensleydale island in Sage Ocean. More commonly known as Fin, she first sailed the seas in 2006. Currently, Fin is a senior officer in the crew The Intoxicated Celts and member of the flag Critical Mass. She is also known as Azzie, Fizz, Fina, Finn, Finni, Finnie and Finzadaisy.

Contributions and Accomplishments

Special Events

Special Titles

  • Senior officer and tactician of The Intoxicated Celts since mid July 2008
  • Former lady of Everything or Nothing from May to early July 2008
  • Former sailmaster and senior officer of The EP from mid 2007 to early July 2008
  • Former aenior officer and first mate of Blazing Angels in April 2008
  • Sublime aailor since mid February 2008
  • Admiral in the Wensleydale Navy in the Gull Archipelago since early 2008
  • Former fleet officer of Silent But Deadly in January 2008
  • Former lady of Nemesis in late 2007
  • Former damsel of The Elite Privateers in late 2007
  • Greeter since 2007
  • Former captain in the Wensleydale Navy in the Gull Archipelago
  • Former cook and fleet officer of The Underdogs in late 2006

Special Trophies

  • Awarded Ultimate Sailor trophy in late April 2008
  • Awarded Color Guard trophy in mid February 2008
  • Awarded Pillars of Sails trophy in January 2008
  • Awarded Sleigh Captain trophy for 2007 Holiday events- Reindeer Games
  • Awarded Zombie Chowder trophy for 2007 Halloween events- Ye Dread Dead
  • Awarded Barfly, Fencer, Scrapper trophies in late 2007
  • Awarded Seal of Bilge and Sails trophies in late 2007
  • Awarded Bejeweled Crab trophy in 2007
  • Awarded Chalice of Blood trophy in 2007

Biography in Sage

Early Days

When Finazzie started out as a greenie in early 2006, she met Janggotputih, Reynard's alt and joined Nusantara. Fin made some great friends like Ajeng, Shanee and Yazu in the crew. Soon, she was promoted to officer (O) but as real life has it, in mid 2006, she became dormant and when she returned late that year, Nusantara has merged with another crew and changed its name to The Underdogs. She continued to render her service to The Underdogs as Cook and O for a few months, and got promoted to fleet officer (FO), which she was most reluctant to submit to. Due to the persistence of her fellow members, she finally agreed to that post. As time passed, she made more friends in the crew like Agrippa, Sailormun, Capas and Emanuella.

Unfortunately, the crew suffered some political issues and she resigned from The Underdogs. It was said that tension in The Underdogs grew and many pirates followed suit before it had to be disbanded after a consensus made by Shanee and Agrippa. As for Fin, she sailed the seas once more as an independent pirate and declining invites to other crews. In early 2007, she turned dormant once again.

The EP

In mid 2007, when Finazzie returned to Sage, she was welcomed by her only hearty still on the list, Emanuella. She immediately joined The Elite Privateers (EP), which was founded by Slasurine and under the captaincy of Heraklis. Fin was FO for a while. When Heraklis got banned and Emanuella took over, it was during this time that the crew reached its peak. Despite the ill politics where many pirates were trying to claim its captaincy from Emanuella, The EP managed to climb to Illustrious fame in Sage and grew with over 100 members. It flew different flags but eventually, it stayed with Nemesis. Fin was promoted to SO and was given the priviledge as a titled member under the flag. When she was a Lady under the flag, she forged acquaintanceship with king Archaon and Captainhelly. She also met other royals like Corsarul, Simonmanc and Yohoahoy along the way.

Aiding SBD

In early 2008, Finazzie's hearty, Lepicarde invited her to join his new crew Silent But Deadly (SBD). She agreed to join them temporarily and help them establish a stable crew standing and fame. During her short days with SBD, she made more friends like Wiking, Pippynoshoes, Jhazzi and Ffrulesall. One of her hearties, Speedmate was also in SBD. Fin started out as an O and was promoted to FO after a few weeks. In a short time, SBD reached Illustrious fame and is currently one of the top ten crews in Sage. Gaining lots of knowledge during her stay, Fin was sad when it was time to leave. Pippynoshoes gave her a gift as a token of appreciation for her help.

Expanding The EP

Returning to The EP after a month being away, Finazzie was warmly welcomed by her friends like Emanuella, Godofthesea, Papas, Asbjorn and Racerboy. As much as it was sad for her to leave SBD, Fin was happy to be back in the crew where she spent most of her time in. She started participating in forum events and she can be seen actively posting entries for various competitions.

But once again, real-life commitments put Fin in a tight situation and she went on hiatus for a few weeks. When she returned, most of her friends have left the crew and The EP seemed to be in shambles. The crew fund she collected from The EP's Pirate Auction Extravaganza 2008 event on behalf of The EP was to be distributed amongst a few crews - according to the pirates placed on bids. She then left The EP because she felt no reason to stay now that her friends are gone.

Supporting Blazing Angels

After leaving The EP, Fin became an independent pirate and went on a hiatus. Not long after, she received an email from Emanuella to ask her to return to The EP since most of the previous crew members who left are now back in the crew. However, Fin was still disappointed about what happened and chose to join Racerboy's crew, Blazing Angels, together with old friends Godofthesea, Teruaki and Heathcliffs and hope for the best for everyone, be it old crew members or new ones, because they are all still friends to Finazzie. After helping the boys to her best ability, once again, she was caught in a dilemma when she realized that her life convictions does not match anywhere near her flaggies, the Undeclared. Reluctantly, she left Blazing Angels and took another break from YPP.

Returning to The EP

When Finazzie returned to Sage on fateful Mothers' Day 2008, she decided that The EP was the place where she belonged and made a surprise gift for her special mom on YPP, Emanuella, by returning to the crew. She also became more forgiving and met with her past hearties who wanted to rehearty her again.

Family Reunion

Ever since Finazzie returned to The EP and stayed with her mom, she has also began to accept her mom's husband, Itsthenoble as her father, despite refusing to talk to him for months. It was then that she learnt of her newfound family members, like her four uncles Sdssd, Thefire, Yesac and Kadazzle and her three aunts Ellabella, Chiara and Dendrobia. This also meant that Aunt Dendrobia's daughter, Chrkut and her husband Gangforage, are Fin's cousins. During the first family reunion in mid late June 2008, Fin also decided to move in with her parents at the manor in Admiral, hoping that her family will always stay happy together.

Solace with The IC and CM Flag

After coming back to The EP and staying for 2 months, she encountered many difficulties in getting along with the flag members of Everything or Nothing and some new crewbies. Being insulted harshly, on one fateful night, Fin decided that she needed a breather and so, she joined the first hearty that invited her to join his crew, Micko. Being in The Intoxicated Celts (IC) and the Critical Mass flag, she found that they were warm and friendly people, and with Ema being on hiatus, she doubts she would ever return to The EP.

Biography in Hunter

In order to help mates like Scrubbs, Jhazzi and Pippynoshoes, Fin joined the crew Mad Mayhem in April 2008 to relive the happy times she had with pirates from SBD.