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Eagleia at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Last Monarch Know of Imperial Eagle Armada
Member crew(s) The Big ShoTs, Imperial Eagle Armada
Founded 11 April, 2009
Dormant as of 26 February, 2012
Favicon.png Flag Info

Eagleia is currently a dormant flag on the Emerald Ocean, founded by Know.

Public statement


Extended public statement

Ahoy! The following should give ye a brief explanation of who we be:

Eagleia is peaceful and fun flag which aspires to grow and help its crews and members in every way.

We ask of other flags and crews to respect our crews and members and not randomly invite our crews to another flag.

If you are interested in joining our flag, please send a tell to a royal, we'll probably be happy to have you. =]

Why join?

The following are some (but not all) of the points why a crew might want to join Eagleia:

  • We encourage active pillaging, sea monster hunting, etc.
  • All members (preferably officer+) are entitled to be lent money. It may be paid back at any time in the close future. Sometimes only half or even none of it needs to paid back.
  • We are very friendly. Everyone can feel at home with us.
  • We are a fun bunch. From simple fun discussions on /fo chat to huge flag parties at the Flag Estate.
  • We support each other. Need any help? We'll be happy to be of assistance.
  • Captains, Senior officers (and any high officials within a crew) can actively participate in shaping the flag. Your comments are valuable.
  • We have many flag pillies, at LEAST once every day, which means any crew in our flag which has began a pillage will give priority to jobbing members of the flag on board the pillage rather than outsiders.
  • Flag stalls, etc. give discounts and bonuses to flag members.
  • We're fast rising and very ambitious.

and much more...

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