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Drake was an island designer who had two published islands on Malachite Ocean, and had different aliases across the Viridian and Hunter Oceans.

Viridian Ocean


Drake, first found the shores of Viridian under the name Alive where he was captain of the crew Renegades of Life and king of the flag Equilibrium

His finest accomplishments during this time was governor of the outpost Viridis, after his flag had defeated Ebrius Feles 3-1 in November 2005. Unfortunately, the island was lost the week after.

Another accomplishment of note was his daring attack on Harmattan Island on New Years Eve, 2006, which was finely defended by Scuppering Seven Seas. The following week, Equilibrium assisted Antheas in their victory at Harmattan Island.

The strains of these attacks caused a rift among friends and foe and Alive was washed away to sea.


A short while later, Alive returned as Evian and formed the crew Crystal Waters and the flag Paradise. He kept the identity of Alive secret for many months, but as Paradise grew so did Evian's reputation and soon enough he was exposed.

Although Paradise grew strong it never gained the accomplishments of Equilibrium, losing another blockaded attempt at Olive Island, Won by The Syndicate in March of 2006.

After this blockade, Paradise started to break apart and Evian decided to move to across the seven seas, so the newly discovered, Hunter Ocean.

Hunter Ocean


It was in Hunter Ocean that Drake really settled. Many of his closest friends moved across to Hunter and they formed the crew Hunters Pride and the flag Armada de Invincible in April of 2006.

Drake has a multitude of experience and accomplishments that include:

  • Former captain of Hunters Pride
  • Former captain of Clueless
  • Former captain of Kings Of Chaos
  • Former king of Armada de Invincible (ADI)
  • Former prince of Castigo Final
  • ADI reaching 5th in the Fame List
  • ADI reaching over 1000 members
  • Sinking the first ship in the war with Tigers Pride
  • Winning the war against Tigers Pride
  • Became an island designer via an honourable mention in the Fantasy Island contest
  • One of the success stories of real life love from Puzzle Pirates. Read about it here.

Drake and Armada de Invincible became renowned for blockade activity, often instigating or assisting in blockades across the ocean, for themselves or their allies.

Sadly, Drake eventually disbanded Armada de Invincible after business away from the ocean meant he could not give full dedication. Since then, several people have attempted to recreate that flag and crews by the same name, but have not had the same success. Drake became a part time pirate after this, to concentrate on his real life marriage to Reade and take care of other business.

Malachite Ocean


In June 2008, after several cameo appearences on Hunter, Drake sailed to Malachite and had to take the name Drako.

Blockade History

Hunter Viridian

Islands Designed

Drake is one of the winners of the Fantasy Island Contest. His excellent design work can be seen at the following islands:

  • Sargasso Island, on the Meridian ocean (as well as on the retired/merged Malachite ocean)
  • Scorpion Island, on the Meridian ocean (as well as on the retired/merged Malachite ocean)