Blockade Planning

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Blockades, the sinky fun goodness of Puzzle Pirates. If you have ever jobbed in a blockade before you may have thought that planning and running a blockade is easy, but if you have to plan a blockade you will notice it is very tiring. Make sure that whenever you blockade you follow these steps.

Deciding which island

The first stage of planning a blockade is finding an island. You have to look at the issue from many different points of view in order to pick the right island.

The first view you have to look at is from your flag. Is the island in a place where you can get your fleet there and stock? In order to run a good blockade, you will have to make sure you can get ships there, stocked and ready to blockade.

The second way you need to look at the issue is whether the island is defensible. Can your flag defend the island? By using the YPPedia you can see how many blockades the island sees on average a month. Also you need to check out if there are any islands nearby you can pilly too. If you win the island you want to be able to keep pillys going but you want to be able to get your ships there in a 24 hour notice stocked and ready to blockade.

The defender

When you are going to blockade, you must think about who you will be blockading. You might possibly have to do a month worth of war with them. You must plan if you are going to be able to handle losing ships. Remember a war can make and break any flag, big or small.

Blockade types

Many people think that there is only one type of blockade, but truly there is more then one type of way you can blockade.

Sloop Off: a sloop off is when both flags can only send in sloops. Sloop offs are great for smaller flags that don't have a big fleet. The hard part about the blockade is that many flags don't do it.

Event Like: a event like blockade is when both flags limit the types of ships they can send in, how many they send in, and what the rules are for each round. Many flags do this type of Blockade.

Weeks before the blockade

Weeks before the blockade are the busiest part. These are the weeks where you will need to find navers,XOs,and get the jobbing contacts. Make sure you ask all your allies nicely if they can offer any support and write down what they can help with.


Communication is the key to a winning a blockade; the stronger the communication the higher the chance of winning is. Many flags use chat servers for communication but if your flag does not, there are other ways of keeping in contact. Instant messaging software works well for chatting but all the staff will have to be on the same instant messaging software. One of the best ways to keep in contact is through cross platform instant messaging software so the admiral can chat with the other staff while the blockade is running.

Job's needed to be filled

In a blockade there are many jobs to be filled. The following terms are part of a list of jobs you will need to fill.

Jobbing Contact: These are the people who handle all the jobbing for the blockade and loading the people on there ship. You will need one to three jobbing contacts per flag.

Naver's: You will need one naver per each ship you send in. This person the only thing they do is nav.

Pay Master: This person's job is making sure all the ships are set to blockade. They are also in charge of getting the PoE into the blockade coffers and handling any jobber pay problems.

XO: A XO keeps the ships in order. They decide who will gun and order the people to there right station. They also are in charge of planing lazers. The number of XOs on the ship depends on the size of it.

Admiral: The admiral is the person in charge of running the blockade. They are normally on a sloop in the safe zone while the blockade is going on. They decide what ships to bring in and when they bring them in.

After the blockade

After the blockade, you will possibly need to keep war going. If you won the island, you will need to pick a governor for the island. Set taxes to the right amount and also prepare to possibly defend the island on the following weekend.