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Gunpowder Jr.
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Arrgaretha started out on the Viridian Ocean in January of 2006. After crew hopping around she found a ship with Meridiani and Jengerale aboard. She was recruited into their crew Still Of The Night. Under the leadership of Benjideblade and Chatnoir, Arrgaretha learned about the game and grew up into a senior officer by July of 2006. That same night she was given the title siren.

She is often found pillaging with her crew and hearties. Her favorite duty puzzle is Carpentry and she would much prefer to Rumble than Swordfight. The puzzle that drives her crazy is Distilling.

She loves throwing parties and bringing people together, most often these parties involve much rumbling. She also loves helping with events for her crew and flag.

In December 2006 she became a titled member of her flag Sea Change and later in 2007 she became a princess. She was involved in Admiraling Moab III-V and Carmine II-IV.

In January 2008, she went Grey to honor her two years in YPP, and a few days later was convinced in a flag campaign to go Black as well. Sailing soon became Arrgy's favorite puzzle. She spent a lot of her time in 2008 keeping up with her Tailor Shoppe and updating Shipwrighting alts, but every once in a while she will take out a ship for a pillage.

In May 2008, she became Monarch of Sea Change.


Stalls & Shoppes

Contributions and Awards

  • 2nd Place with her partner Batomatic in the A Viridian Haunting - The Great Ghost Chase! Hosted by Cristo on October 28, 2006 - Won Ribbon trinket and a black sheep
  • Ultimate Battle Navigation - October 2006
  • January 2007 Memmed the entire Viridian Ocean
  • Helped judge in Up The Revolution - Gunning Bake Off February 2007 - got a Rhodin Egg
  • 4th Place in the BK Fruit Frenzy Race June 2007 - Team event won 4 Baghlahs
  • August 2007 entered with Flag Scupperer's Backwards Blockade - tied for 3rd place, bribed Scupperer and won 5 WBs and 1 GF named Self-Centered Scup
  • Ultimate Sailing - April 2008


Renamed Ships

  Type Name
Sloop dock.png  Sloop Hair-Raising Hake
Sloop dock.png  Sloop Undefeatable Spaniard