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Ang is a Senior Officer of Death Wish and Lady of Eternal Glory .

Contributions and Awards


Ang started playing on the Sage Ocean in August of 2005. Her first and really only crew was Headless Doubloon later named Power of Moonlight. In POM she quickly climbed the ranks to fleet officer under Marux as her captain. After a crew split, Billybudd became captain of POM and renamed it Master and Commander where Ang became senior officer and eventually captain.

Ang and Billybudd then decided to form their own flag Far Side of Sage where she was queen and later made Billybudd monarch.

After the last crew change over to Sirens and Masters, Ang roamed around playing with some friends and their crews. Eventually settling back into Sirens and Masters and deciding to take a sabbatical, she married Helystra and took a well needed break. Upon her return, herself and Ceegee founded Caustic Affliction, later renamed Headlees Doubloon and Ang reopened Hell's Wrath as monarch.

Ang retired to Smoke and Fire and moved over to Booty Callers when Smoke and Fire was merged into Impossible Situations. You will see her on from time to time to say hello.