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Ahito was created on 15 of July 2007. On Blackthorpe Island he started searching for glory.


Before Ahito was born there were other pirates who attempted to conquer the Sage and Hunter Oceans. After 2 years, nothing big had been achieved. Ahito was the last attempt. He was about to give up like the pirates before him but one pillage changed his life. After getting his first master+ puzzle standings on Gunnery and Sailing, he started playing harder and now he has good stats.

He got his highest ranks in big crews like Your Worst Nightmare, Sinders Revenge (they achieved 13th place in the top fame list by 2 weeks of daily pillaging with sloops) and Clelestial Twilight.

After changing this crews few times he met his best friends Cheesenator, Archaon, Captainhelly, Miroslavich, Varce and Catti.

His dream was to get 3 legendarys at the same time. For now he has them but didn't see them all together at 1 time.

Half a month before his birthday, he achieved one of his many dreams. In the Isle of Kent's event blockade, he sunk one of his hearties (Mixa) under the captaincy of Soyabean.

Now still fighting with the life, he is living quietly at his row house on Admiral Island and doing small pillages for entertainment.