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Aeons has no portrait

Aeons was a cabin person of the crew Seven Deadly Sins and member of the flag Dragon's Wrath. He sailed the Sage Ocean. This pirate has been deleted.

He was intitially Acronym who started out in a crew called Merchants of Death. He had made many friends on the way as he had become a senior officer. These included many pirates such as the captain of Merchants of Death.

One day the captain left in a hurry and left the crew in the hands of Acronym. Although being captain was one of his 4 main goals, Acronym had no ship, badge or PoE whatsoever. So a merge into The Crazy Coconuteers was carried out.

Aeons's friends such as Timostamboli had also risen to high ranks. Soon after his birthday, Acronym had caught a disease called 'glitchitus' and was not able to pillage for basically 5 months. After he recovered, Acronym found out he had to redo his pirate life due to a deletion of memory in his illness. Thus he redeemed his Gunnery traditions quickly and became fleet officer as soon as his Captain Yohococo saw him.

But there are many untrustworthy pirates out there, and Acronym happened to come across one. That one was smart. And so he gave Acronym a dose of 'Hackerishosiazolinone' in a bottle. Thus rendering Acronym usless for the time being. As the dubbed 'hacker' stole information, Acronym had use that cabinet at the back of his mind to transfer his soul energy into a puppet pirate called Aeons.