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Admiralet is a fleet officer of the crew Nagamar and a member of the flag Mushroom Kingdom on the Sage Ocean.


Admiralet started his piratey career on the Sage Ocean with the help of his friend, Darkmariner, in August of 2005. Admiralet's career instantly took flight when he joined the crew Young Gunz under the original captainship of Barboza. In time, the captainship got passed onto Emustrask, and Admiralet was granted an officer position. School then started and his pirate life stopped for months.

Admiralet's pirate was deleted but in the summer, he came back and revived his life, starting out fresh in the crew Pirates of the Sinder under the command of the pirate Sinder (now Soyabean). He constantly worked on his stats and rose to the rank of senior officer in a crew of over 200. He became a lord of the flag Notorious, but that ended when Sinder's account got hacked and he vanished from the YPP! world.

Then Admiralet found a pirate named Strathern who became his guide and led Admiralet through the game. Strathern eventually granted him senior officer rank and the position of prince in the flag nExUs. Here Admiralet stayed for a time but moved on when Strathern left the game.

Some pirates such as Michellem and Lhinss left to form Dead Men Tell No Tales, but Admiralet decided that it was time to move on. He soon found himself in the Storming Seadogs with his friends Darknessdiva and Khaetlil. Here he stayed for months running their shipyards and such. He became a rather wealthy pirate but had a fallout and left the crew after becoming yet again a lord in Outcasts. After a time, Admiralet joined the Titans, made friends with Shortcake and reluctantly became a prince of Outcasts.

Currently Admiralet can be found with yet more of his friends in the flag Mushroom Kingdom as a fleet officer in the crew Nagamar with his best pirate friends Luigi, Horror, Captaindredd and Fever. Admiralet lives on Admiral Island and can be found often at Luigi's or Fever's Estate just having a good time and playing some hearts or poker.

After another great adventure with his friends like Dendrobia and Luigi in Hardcore Explorers after the disbandment of Mushroom Kingdom, Admiral decided that it was time to move on and start his own crew. On June 7th, 2007, he along with his real life friends Darkmariner and Hansbrough formed the crew Secret Formula and are planning on starting a flag in the near future hopefully named Silent but Deadly.