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Adcaro is a pirate that sails on the Sage Ocean. He is a senior officer in the crew Pirates United.

A Pirate´s Life

The start of the voyage

Adcaro started his piratey days on the wonderful ocean of Sage in Autumn 2005. He Joined several crews but didn't like them. After a while Adcaro found a crew that was peaceful and everybody loved each other but it soon collapsed within itself.

Sailing Away and returning

As he sailed, Adcaro decided to sail away from a life of piracy not to return for 3 years until April 2008 where he was brought back by an unknown pirate. One day he applied for a job with Pirates United led by the senior officer Vegetajr. He got along quite well with many of the crew members on board and then slowly became an officer of the crew. This was the prime time of Adcaro as he started to teach himself how to navigate and battle navigate which led to plenty of successful pillages, on board his cutter the Skillful Mullet with the guidance of many of his friends he made during his adventures.

Changing Paths

Adcaro one day then decided to exchange the cutter for a war brig which he mastered like an artist. He then left Pirates United to Form his own crew to sail under the flag of Elite Crews United but drifted slowly away from his goals to sail. He left to sail under the flag of Tiranga as a prince. Many of his former crewmates were rather distraught and upset about Adcaro's betrayal and begged him to return. After a short while Adcaro agreed to do so and merged the crew back with his original crew he was in.

The Return To the United

Adcaro did not have as much power as he once did but he was once again happy with the crew he was once in. But shortly after a while, the crew suffered a few minor difficulties dividing it. Adcaro was not really bothered but was inquisitive about what was going to happen next and then he learned that the crew members who left had formed a new crew and were fine with the Elite Crews United. This crew was Wild Ride into Piracy and Adcaro joined them as a future agreement is in hand which will make the 2 crews once again mighty, But that plan was very ambitious and shortly failed causing the new crew to merge back with Pirates united