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Zyzyzyryxy was recruited by his real-life friends from crew Patafianie, which he soon joined. He is an all-round pirate, focusing a bit on pillaging and earning trophies. He is also collecting limited edition and rare sloops.

Contributions and Accomplishments

  • August 2010: Bought Rogue class sloop for AniaP. Earned Chalice of Blood trophy.
  • July 2010: Bought another limited edition sloop: Midas class. Fought with Admiral Finius a few more times, winning most of the time. Earned a few trinkets along the way (list).
  • 13-06-2010 Won his first Brigand King fight together with AniaP, earning Prestigious naval medal Trinket.
  • May 2010: Bought myself limited edition Verdant class cutter.
  • With some help from AniaP expanded our collection of limited edition and rare sloops with Emerald class sloop (held by AniaP), and Narwhal figurehead sloop painted Brown-Green-Green.
  • Sunk his first sloop in Imperial outpost expedition.
  • Resumed gem running, got Ultimate Navigator Trophy in the process.
  • Bought myself a limited edition frost-class sloop.
  • Run many small Imperial outpost expeditions with hearties as well as with jobbers on board his sloop.
  • Gave up almost all prolonged activities (like gem running) due to personal reasons. Still memorizing new routes though.
  • Expanded his personal fleet to a few sloops (including fully gilded and fully skellied ones) and a cutter.
  • Switched to gem running after memorizing Gull and Stork. Bought some Jade gems at Stork and brought them to Greenwich safely in a half-night long daring voyage while buying maps on the way.
  • Owned an iron monger stall on Admiral, but dusted it a few months later (in November 2009) due to severe drop in cannon balls prices.
  • Started trading commodities around Gull and neighboring archipelagos, while memorizing those routes.
  • Earned first few 10k PoE on sea monster hunts and pillages, invested in first own sloop.
  • Bought a cottage together with AniaP - his real-life wife.
  • Joined a crew Patafianie and soon became one of its most active members.