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Zeuis is the captain of the crew Death Sentence, princess of the flag Shadows Of Sage and former governor of Kasidim Island on the Sage Ocean. Zeuis is the former monarch of the flag Never say Never, and current senior officer of the crew Nemo lli and a princess of the flag Wild Twisted Fun on the Ice Ocean.

Sage History

  • Zeuis started out as a pirate of the crew Fireblades of Sage. She got to senior officer in this crew and royalty of the flag.
  • Zeuis next moved to a crew which a fellow senior officers of Fireblades of Sage made.
  • After staying there for around a month, Zeuis created her own crew named Destroyers of Sage and joined the flag Royal Poe's. She became royalty in this flag.
  • Zeuis re-named the crew to Mayhem Uncaged and joined the flag Shadows Of Sage.
  • In this flag Zeuis worked her way up to royalty, made some great friends and just had a great time.
  • Whilst in Shadows Of Sage Zeuis had the fun of defeating the Brigand Kings at Cromwell Island and returned it to the ocean's beloved Ocean Masters.
  • After having great fun as a captain and princess, Zeuis left the flag as it was only going to be active rarely.
  • Zeuis joined the flag The Dark Elite Killers (which was run by the crew Ill Omen who were previously in SOS) and work her way up to princess.
  • After this Zeuis disbanded her crew and joined Ill Omen also in the flag The Dark Elite Killers.
  • The flag TDEK was abandoned and sold off to a friend.
  • All the crews in TDEK later formed the flag Death's Daggers
  • Zeuis was asked to reform her crew Death Sentence so she dragged back a few of her old crewbies and then joined Death's Dagger's also.
  • Zeuis went back to Shadows Of Sage with all the other crews from Death's Dagger's when they were told the flag was coming back.
  • Zeuis became royalty again in this flag.
  • Zeuis governed Kasidim Island.

Ice History

  • Zeuis joined the crew Black Rose of Death, this crew was mainly made up of friends from Sage.
  • Zeuis later created her own crew and flag named Never say Never.
  • This flag rose to #1 fame and had control of four of the five islands on the Ice Ocean.
  • Zeuis now roams the Ice Ocean looking for sinking PvP's, and is a senior officer of the crew Nemo lli, and a princess of the flag Wild Twisted Fun.