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Yoz is a pirate who plays on all the dubloon oceans. His main ocean is Hunter. He spends most of his time going on Cursed Isle trips and hanging out with his flag members and hearties


Hunter Ocean

Viridian Ocean

Events Participated

Participated as a flag in the event Coerced Coexistence organised [1]

Won gallows island in [2]the flag series of blockades Rebel Rousers organised

Events Organised

First event organised ever : EAC brings love to Sayers Rock [3]

With more inspiration , Yoz then organised another event for his flag EAC . the Smelliest Event EVER [4]

Other Pirates

  • Yoz - On all doubloon oceans & International oceans
  • Malecowdung - Hunter Cadealt
  • Boochiex - Viridian & Sage
  • Yozbaby - Crimson
  • Yozz - Midnight