Ye Hardy Mates

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Ye Hardy Mates at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Last Captain Avasta
Senior Officer(s) Loaftx
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Riot
Founded 22 November, 2003
Dormant as of 31 January, 2012
Favicon.png Crew Info
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Ye Hardy Mates was founded by Avasta on November 13, 2003. The crew initally started with her and one sloop, joining the flag The Midnight Sun. Avasta's previous crew had left the flag, and she wanted to stay a part of it. She built the crew up and started stalls when they were introduced. The crew began to seek a more active flag and joined Silver Dawn on July 1, 2004. They were involved in taking Eta Island as well as her defenses, including the Scallywag Wars of spring 2005.

They left Silver Dawn in the fall of 2006 to find their own way in the ocean and in spring 2006 joined Riot. Avasta remains the only captain the crew has ever had, other than for short vacations when the captainship was transferred temporarily to other mates. The crew's main activity today is as a merchant crew, owning several stalls and two shoppes, Thermodyenamics and Kelvin Klein on Eta.

Public Statement

We be a hardy bunch of Mates. Some days are spent pillaging, some are doing long foraging runs, and sometimes we do various trading runs.. New people to the game are welcome, and encouraged to learn new skills. Anyone who jobs will get some payment, even if no booty from a long foraging run. I will pay ye for yer willingness to work! If ye must leave the ship, I will give you your share of the booty, you can be sure of that!

Ye Hardy Mates is a crew of fine, upstanding, honest and hardworking pirates. Our crew does not abide beggars, or those who insist on asking for poe, items, promotions. We will allow no crewmates to ever disgrace our crew or our flag. If anyone, inside or outside the crew, believes that a crewmember has done something to disgrace the dignity of this crew, let the Captain know instantly!

The main home of Ye Hardy Mates is the fine Isle of Eta in the grand archipelago of Ruby. It really is the best place to live in the entire ocean!