YPPedia:Requests for administrator attention

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Do you need an administrator to... (What is an administrator?)

  • Report a vandal? Visit:
    • YPPedia:Vandalism in progress
      • An administrator can repair damage made by a malicious user more quickly than other users: if someone is making multiple damaging edits it will be easier for you to report them than try to repair everything yourself. To see if a user is making many damaging edits click their username and then User contributions.
    • What is vandalism?

  • Delete a page? Visit:
    • YPPedia:Deletion if you feel the page does not belong in YPPedia
    • If the wiki stops you moving a page, make your request on the protected article's talk page.
    • Learn more by reading the deletion policy

  • Delete a category? Visit:
    • Learn more about categorization
    • If you want to have a category deleted, make your request on the category's talk page.

  • Revert one or two vandal's/inexperienced user's edits? Visit:

  • Redirect or Page move issues? Visit:
    • What is a redirect?
    • Or put a note on the article's discussion page with your question or request.
  • Unblock a user?
    • Contact the admin who carried out the ban via their User talk page
    • Learn more by reading the blocking policy.

To ask an administrator a question, seek advice and so on see the list of administrators

Please note that sysops do not...

  • Resolve disputes.
    • Try Wikipedia's dispute resolution process instead.
    • However, sysops, or other experienced users, may be willing to informally offer an opinion if you ask them privately (for example, via user_talk page).
  • Fix bugs.
  • Make administrators.
  • Remove administrator status from anyone.
    • This is done by bureaucrats, or, in emergency cases only, by Ringers in charge of the wiki.
  • Query the YPPedia database
  • Reassign edits or make name changes.
  • Delete accounts.
  • Protect pages on a specific version, or "from" a specific user, or decide which version is "correct" or "NPOV".