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YPPedia:Vandalism in progress

From YPPedia

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This page is for editors to report vandalism to administrators for overview and response. If you witness a particular user or IP address repeatedly engaging in vandalism, please report the activity on this page. Use YPPedia:Administrator intervention against vandalism to bring vandals who need blocking to the attention of admins.

If you would like to vandalize YPPedia without incurring wrath, please use the Sandbox.


Using this page

To report a user for vandalism, follow these steps:

Warn User

  Before adding a vandal here be sure the user has been warned.

On the user's talk page, warn that his/her behavior is not appropriate and is considered vandalism. Use the {{test}} (Usage), {{test2}} (Usage)/{{test2a}} (Usage), {{test3}} (Usage), and {{test4}} (Usage) templates as appropriate. You can also use {{test explain|<message>}} to add more relevant detail alongside the standard message. Only if vandalism continues, add user to list.
However, users known to be vandals (those who vandalize the same article with similar material, for instance) may be reported immediately.
Determine Severity

  Determine the severity of the vandalism:

Severe: Hateful; critical subtle edits (such as changing dates); stating lies; redirects; etc.
Moderate: High-profile (such as article blanking); spam linking; disruptive; etc.
Low: "Stupid" edits (such as adding the word "penis" to every sentence); non-critical subtle edits; etc.
Add Vandal

  Using the edit button next to the Current alerts, add the vandal at the top of the list.

Enter the following text:
===username of vandal===
Brief description of the vandalism ~~~~
Monitor Vandal

  Determine that the vandal has been warned on his or her talk page. If vandalism persists after five minutes:

Determine if the vandal has been blocked by visiting Special:Ipblocklist.
If the vandal was blocked, but vandalism persists, file a new report with Possible sockpuppet in the description.
If the vandal was not blocked, visit YPPedia:Administrator intervention against vandalism and post the report there.
Cautions and alternatives 

When NOT to use this page

Do not report any of the following here:

Tools for administrators

Repeated vandalism and long term alerts

  • Currently there are no repeated vandalism or long term alert instances.

Current alerts

Current date is December 5, 2020; place new alerts on top.

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