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Vahid is currently a senior officer in the crew The Stowaways on the Hunter Ocean. Although there is a Vahid on every ocean, he plays primarily on Hunter.



Vahid started playing on Midnight under a forgotten name before the universal purse was introduced. He left for while, and then started to play again when a friend mentioned playing the game to him. He resumed playing on Viridian in December of 2005. He moved to Hunter within the first two weeks of opening. He is a former senior officer of the crew Imperial Movers and former prince of the flag Vicious. Vahid was formerly senior officer in the crew Band of the Hawk and lord of the flag Requited Desires. He is a former monarch and prince in Sins of the Flesh, he also served as Minister of Pride (Internal Affairs) and was responsible for keeping track of the state of the flag. He was a lord of the flag This End Up of a short period of time in the fall of 2007 as a senior officer of the crew Avalon. Avalon was merged into Yarrmageddon which eventually merged with Vahid's last crew The Stowaways. He was a Senator and Lord of the flag EAC. He is currently an independent pirate enjoying not having any responsibilities.


Random Facts

  • Vahid is an accomplished merchant and enjoys soloing cutters.
  • Owns three renamed sloops named Ira, Superbia, and the Lazy Lime.
  • He has a peg leg on both Hunter (It is believed to be the second injury on Hunter) and Sage, and an eyepatch on Ice.
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