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User talk:Zeplin411

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Edit Frequency

Ahoy! I was going through the recent changes, and I ran across the edits to Miget. If you'd like to see the page history, take a look here, and I think you can see why it's sticking out at me :-/. I don't want to discourage you from editing, because it's good to see you putting so much effort into improving this page. However, it's always good wiki practice to get into using the Preview button instead of just posting stuff directly. That way, you know if you like what you're about to post before you actually do, and you can catch things like spelling/grammar, line breaks, formatting, and so on without having to waste time and effort making tons of minor edits. In any event, welcome to the YPPedia, and good luck in the future! --Lcawte 10:50, 16 January 2010 (UTC)


Ahoy! I changed the article Miget to use a show/hide box for the trinkets again, because we have a policy requiring this for trinket lists longer than twelve items (YPPedia:Policies_and_guidelines#Individual_Pirate_Articles). Fair winds! --Alfwyn 11:51, 19 January 2010 (UTC)

All of the editing was done as I aquired additional trinkets. I did not like leaving the editing page open for hours on end just in case I lost everything. My school distance learning likes to mess up my web browser over and over. Now since the show/hide was added I can't edit from the whole page so I have to edit each and every section seperatly. Also too once the show button is clicked you can't see anything from my main page and I do not know how to fix that. In order to return to my main page you have to search for Miget again or like I do it and reopen it from favorites. But still I can't see the whole page with my pets and picture on it. I only get a half page at a time with no way to return to the main page.

This has turned into nothing but a pain in my booty. It may be time I just deleted the whole thing. I have no clue who it was who started the page in the first place either. I just found it on accident one day.You guys do not like me editing it too often and I can't see the whole thing at once any ways.

Editing items in subpages included in show/hide boxes

On the Miget article editing page, there will be the text "Templates used on this page:" below the text edit area. The first 5 entries will currently be:

These are the subpages containing the trinket entries which need to be edited; they can be visited and then edited either in a new tab or a new window.

The problem is not directly due to the use of show/hide boxes. There is however a shortcoming preventing direct use of tables in the content field of that particular template. Wiki-formatted tables have to be placed into subpages if they are to appear correctly when used in show/hide boxes.

I've been looking into some way for a show/hide box to provide an edit link connecting to a subpage it contains. I'd like for the edit link to not appear if there's no subpage being used but only directly included contents. -- Faulkston 18:38, 12 September 2010 (UTC)

Unfortunately clicking on edit sections links where the show/hide boxes appear doesn't list the included subpages. This issue would be resolved if there's a specialized edit link as I mentioned above. -- Faulkston 18:41, 12 September 2010 (UTC)

What I've come up with so far would be to include the following text in the title field of a show/hide template:

[{{fullurl:Miget/Atlantis trinkets|action=edit}} <nowiki>[Edit subpage]]</nowiki>

This provides an edit link for the included subpage, at the cost of some repetition of parameters. I'll bring up creating a show/hide template derivation on that template's talk page. -- Faulkston 19:11, 12 September 2010 (UTC)


Ahoy! The capitalisation of words like "captain" and "queen" depend on the context in which they are used. They're only titles some of the time. Most of the time they're just normal old nouns. It's a title - and capitalised - when it prefixes the pirate's name, as in "Captain Miget sails the ocean blue." On the other hand, in the phrase "Miget is captain of the crew" it's being used as a noun, and so should be in lower-case. Ditto for "queen". Ain't English grammar rules fun? --Belthazar451 22:26, 25 December 2010 (UTC)

Sage Blockades

Ahoy! Unless you have evidence that suggests what's on the page is wrong, you should not edit the results of any past blockade. That the wrong flag appears to be in control of an island in this (or a later) blockade is evidence that there's a blockade or a island transfer missing from the list, not that another blockade is wrong.

This post is the only thing I could turn up about it in my forum searchings, but since it was posted on October 11th, it's impossible for him to be talking about a blockade at the end of October. The missing blockade, then, was probably somewhere close to (but before) October 11th. The same post mentions two other blockades that are actually listed on the 9th and 10th of October, so we can probably put the missing blockade in there with some confidence. --Belthazar451 14:23, 20 November 2011 (PST)

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