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Me on the Viridian Ocean
  • Bhrathair (Main)
  • Birinair (Alt)
  • Bhrathairalt (Alt)
Me on the Sage Ocean
  • Bhrathairain (Alt)
Me on the Hunter Ocean
  • Bhrathair (Alt)

About Me

Not much to say about me as a person, my main pirates history can be viewed on his page, his stats on his Yoweb page. I've been playing this game since March 2006, and I'm hooked. Slight problems caused by timezone (GMT, different to the rest of my crew) have been overcome, and I get on well with most people. My puzzle forte is Navigation (Grand Master) and Carpentry (Legendary).

My Puzzle Pirates Code

A++ L Sk-- D- DT- C++ P Cp+ Bl Sa Gu+ N++ Sw R- Al+ SF+ Dr- TD? Sp--- SpN-- Ht+ Bn+ X+:: B+$ Sh Pt- $ Cl F++ GD FA! Wki++ Scr Bx+

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Viridian Ocean
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