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Achievement Trophies

Golden Cannon Ultimate of Ultimates First Gold
Trophy-Golden Cannon.png Trophy-Ultimate of Ultimates.png Trophy-First Gold.png
Awarded for filling 8,000 cannons at Gunnery. Awarded when the Ultimate Pirate, Ultimate Crafter, and Ultimate Carouser trophies are won. Awarded when the pirate forages their first gold ore.
Boots of Bilging Driftwood Map and Brew
Trophy-Boots of Bilging.png Trophy-Driftwood.png Trophy-Map and Brew.png
Awarded to pirates with Sublime experience and Able standing in bilge.
Pirate must logout then log back in for it to be awarded. Must be after release 2007-01-25.
Awarded to a pirate the first time they are aboard a vessel which sinks—either at sea during a PVP or during a sinking blockade. Awarded for buying an old salt at an Inn 100 drinks, which costs 1,000 PoE. The drinks can be bought for different old salts, over any number of days.
Winged Shoes Daffodil Soggy Boot
Trophy-Winged Shoes.png Trophy-Daffodil.png Trophy-Soggy Boot.png
Awarded to pirates for whisking 1000 times with whisk potions. Awarded after commissioning 10 solo portraits. Believed to be awarded when a pirate is on a 100 vessels that sink.