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Hi, I'm Taconizer, senior officer of the crew British Seadogs of Seraph's Nightmare.

I've mostly done the Seraph's Nightmare and Rogues' Pact pages here.

Crew Page

I'm sticking the new page for the crew I'm working on so my crew can add on to and see it. Some of the details may be incorrect, so don't consider this an offical history for now, anyone.

Formation and Exsilium

British Seadogs was formed by Kivo in early 2004. Kivo's friend Faroose left his crew Children of the Damned to join the new crew.

Rogues' Pact

Though most of the crews had left Exsilium, British Seadogs remained in the flag until its complete dissolution. It soon joined many other former Exsilium crews in the flag Rogues' Pact.

Seraph's Nightmare and the Present

British Seadogs left Rogues' Pact a few weeks after Children of the Damned, joining their newly-formed flag of Seraph's Nightmare.