British Seadogs

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British Seadogs at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Last Captain Steinhauser
Senior Officer(s) Pixieboot, Shiba, Tibiaking
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Seraph's Nightmare
Merged with Thicker Than Blood as of 26 January, 2006

British Seadogs was founded by Kivo on the 30th of January 2004. The crew originally sailed with Quixaroo under the flag of Exsilium which swiftly proceeded to fall apart over the following few weeks.

The crew then joined the Rogues Pact until there was unrest within the different crews and the flag began to fall apart. After several key members of both The British Seadogs and the Children of the Damned grew closer throughout the turmoil of the flag disbanding (the figure heads of either crew acting as the catalysts for the dissolution of the flag), Seraph's Nightmare was created. The flag flew under the ruling of Charon's crew the Children of the Damned and was joined by the British Seadogs, who were then followed by the majority of the crews that formed the Rogues Pact.

After Kivo quit the game, it was handed over to Faroose. However, his life absorbed his playing time so he handed over the crew to Pixieboot. Pixieboot has recently made Steinhauser the captain due to not being able to play as much. In the crew are many old members, some of whom can't play a lot or have quit the game. However, the crew continues getting new, fresh members. The crew itself is pretty weird, and you could actually call everybody in it weird. But that's what makes the crew one big happy family.

Unfortunately, on the sixth of March in 2006 the British Seadogs merged crew with Thicker Than Blood and is no more.

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