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Who am I?

The pirate with the most game play is Irig on Meridian, mostly. Perlandria on the Forums. While my join date is in 2005, I have taken long breaks from the game twice, and the first break being a completely fresh start. And I mean looooooong, by portrait activity I left in 2010 and came back in 2021.

Current Projects (Game, Wiki and Forums)

  • GCPP:Proposal-Gilthead, with team mates User:Emberleo and ChienDArrenD
  • Get a wiki mentor so I can do more after I get some confidence. Hopefully someone will see this on the Recent Changes page?!?

Forum Event Hopefully List

  • None at the moment, but knowing me, there will be some in a few.

Forum Threads of Personal Interest

Puzzle Pirates Personal Gameplay Goals

  • To learn dnav and bnav so I can run greenie pilly on Meridian. Might have to wait until June, 2022 because technically, having my account mothballed for my protection = banned = 6 months until Greeter ok.
  • To collect a lot more Brigand King trinkets.
  • Have a sloop at every single island. That should take about 111 sloops, more or less. And moving the sloops there.
  • Learning the Shopkeeper game is going great! IM and Tailor owned. Buying low from the same person you sell from is so, so deliciously evil.
  • Get listed on the Ultimate List for Alchemy again and not idle out this time.
  • Figure out why Rumble isn't working for me, all evidence to the contrary.
  • Sink at least once every day I go into Atlantis. This is scarily easy to maintain as an average, and not hard to maintain as an absolute.
  • To better understand the Rogue Mark system by renaming a GF with a completely non-fish name.
  • Set a Gallery in the Jade arch for greenie friendly whisking.
  • To finish my first entirely internally funded, multiple pirate portrait with everyone in Atlantean (that I bought or won in Atlantis), with silly things in hand. We're waiting to see if the Night Festival background wins the April background contest. and waiting.... and waiting... please! The follow up to this will be an all atlantean rags solo portrait with a stick. Because portraits should be silly. Got it! We with our dreaming and singing portrait Wages of Futility portrait (with guest familiar, awww thanks)

Puzzle Pirate Wish List

  • Tailor Rack island wide single search. Looking into everyone's stalls is nice and social, but eats time and requires me to do bookkeeping to know where I have been. Its a bother.
  • The flip of portraits to include trophies as well as stats.
  • Trophies for the commerce part of the game. Even without scoring and standings, there are participation metrics like transferring cargo or buy/sell/profit amounts.
  • Trophies for the Thrall Flower Token, a single bulk trophy or by station.
  • Maneuver Tokens, assuming you were getting them, come with new stars.


  • Was gifted a Gold Star(fish) for making more correct the mythology on an OM's page. Ahh , they didn't have to do that.
  • Won a Hephaestus egg during a bonus round of Apollo's Easter Easel 2008 - a contest a day! for the surreal image of a giraffe smoking a very looooong pipe while having tea with hyenas.
  • Won Ippo in Atlantis. Working for people who port helps a lot.

Puzzle Pirate Code

A++, L+, Sk++, Zm++, Ult-, D, DT-, C, P, Cp+, Bl+, Sa+, Gu, N, Th+, Sw+, R+, Al++, BS+++, TP+, SF+, Rm, Dr, TD, Sp---, SpN--, Ht++, Bn-, B+, Fl++, BK++, Atl++, Def++:++, Cit+, AltB++, Sh+, Pt$, $++, Cl+, F++, GD++, FA-, Wki+, Scr, Ice