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Irig is a pirate on the Meridian Ocean. She is an officer and mascot in the crew Odin's Demise and a member of the flag Razor's Edge.


  • Irig wandered back from who knows where around October, 2021 and started rattling around Meridian. Previous to that, she was on Viridian.
  • She is admittedly terrible with names and alliances, such as being able to remember when she stopped being part of Riders of the Storm and became part of Polish War Fog...? Okay, that is sarcastic. It happened when she was idle over the winter of 07/08. But she does know that she changed from Polish War Fog to Odin's Demise on April 17, 2008.
  • This 'What name, who?' drawback is tempered by a fierce devotion to Carpentry that goes beyond puzzle vision to a willingness to limp damaged ships into port for the challenge of it all. She also enjoys doubling Carpentry and Bilging on small Battle Navigation sloop training runs, with an occasional assist on sails, also for the challenge. This, naturally, means she will often accept invitations to doomed blockades and flotillas just to see if she can warp reality if she hits it hard enough with a hammer.
  • Due to the limits of time and technology she has chosen not to do the whole officer and pillaging thing, the possibility of idling out too real for her sense of responsibility.
  • She shares a home on Dragon's Nest with fellow pirate Arakin.
  • The name Irig is a play on the Japanese value Giri, as the life of a pirate could be seen as backwards to that virtue. Her pet, a cream colored rat, is named Giri because it - not being a pirate and being a pet - does have giri with Irig.
  • On April 27th, 2009 she earned a light blue Ippolito from a SMH lead by Stacyr of Die By The Sword. For what, no one can remember. The player was distilling when the ship ported, and then the coffee shop closed. It is named Cheongryong after a fortunate blue dragon/god.
  • On December 27, 2011 she earned a navy blue Ippolito from a SMH lead by Willblade of perilous corsairs, for sailing. That it is named Mukhilan is an inside joke only mostly to do with its darker color.
  • Puzzle Pirate Code A++, L+, Sk++, Zm++, Ult-, D, DT-, C, P, Cp+, Bl+, Sa+, Gu, N, Th+, Sw+, R+, Al++, BS+++, TP+, SF+, Rm, Dr, TD, Sp---, SpN--, Ht++, Bn-, B+, Fl++, BK++, Atl++, Def++:++, Cit+, AltB++, Sh+, Pt$, $++, Cl+, F++, GD++, FA-, Wki+, Scr, Ice