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Maxdsterling, or more formally Max D. Sterling, started play Puzzle Pirates in April of 2006 on Hunter Ocean.


Max began playing Puzzle Pirates looking for an alternative to the monthly subscription MMORPGs.

Pirates Controlled


  • Obtain a #1 trophy

Puzzle Pirate Code

See the original article: Puzzle Pirate Code

A* LB-|(++) Sk- Zm- D++(*) DT- C++ P+(+++) Cp+ Bl Sa--(+) Gu++ N+++(++++) TH--? Sw+++ R-- Al-- BS-- Tp(+) Sf- Rm++ Dr-- TD-- Sp--- SpN- Ht+ Bn X-:+:+(::) B+ Sh++ Pt $+ Cl-- F++ GD+ FA! Wki++ Scr+ Bx+++