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This article is only for bringing all information obtained about the Jinxed Idol together. This page is kind of a spoiler.

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Jinxed Idol


Things we KNOW about it

  • You can get it at any ocean.
  • It is awarded upon log in.
  • It was not awarded to pirates directly after the patch (makes us assume it has to do with a recent activity).
  • Unsubbed pirates can get it.
  • All the pirates who have it assume that they don't know how they got it.

Some pirates who are known to have received it

Please use the international date format yyyy-mm-dd. That other one only works for North America.

Please note this is not a exhaustive list, and is compiled from the discussion thread. Some information is missing, also dates used here as recieved are speculative based on the dates of the releavant posts, please edit accordingly, remaining in date order.


Things which, as standalone events, do NOT trigger it

The events listed in this section are have been tested to see if they are sole triggers for the trophy, and have been eliminated. They may still be in contention for combinations of events and/or circumstances if the trophy turns out to have multiple triggers.

These broad categories of activities, events and status have been eliminated as potential triggers for the trophy:

These more specific events have also been eliminated:

given that I passed very little money.-Only have a sloop.

Theories that have been suggested

  • Multiple triggers, with only N out of X triggers required
  • A lot of POE passing through the pirate's hands
  • a longer delay than simply "next login session" before it is awarded
  • Low experience / High efficiency trophy
  • Repeating the same action(s) in 2/3+ sessions (know as the "Deja Vu" theory)/Mique(viridian) adds: i loged in and did EXACTLY the same as my last session (even chat was almost a deja vu) and i foraged and won exactly same type and number of commodities and dont have it.
  • Something to do with idling out, or idling for some amount of time (note the idle/idol pun)

(Kornflake - The next 5 suggestions don't fit my circumstance, unless there is a long delay before rewarding idol)

  • losing at least 5 matches in a row and loging out.
  • being marooned a set number of times (someone even put this on the trophy page!)
  • Having a Certain Number Of Sinks/Items Degrading
  • Certain # of sinks Without Injury?
  • Being rated close to #1 in the ocean in a puzzle for a long time, but never actually getting #1.
  • Being a pirate who has contributed in-game art, and whose art has been bought by other pirates.
  • Fighting zombies on a darkened island and losing an unknown amount of battles before finally besting them.

Unlikely suggestions

These suggestions would normally be considered unlikely because they reward a player for poor performance or bad behaviour... but on the other hand the name of the trophy has a negative connotation.

  • jinxed the ship by joining.... they went from winning (3 wins) to losing (2 losses)
  • A significant drop in standing
  • Frequent/many disconnects (would encourage players to deliberately disconnect)

Things we HOPE that they are not true

  • Trophy may be given out randomly - we really hope that's not it, but it has been awarded to a very diverse range of pirates and many players believe that it is random because no patterns have yet been found and confirmed.

Stats comparisons


Pirate / Ocean Distilling Alchemy Shipwrightery Blacksmithing
Daviejones / Ice Novice/Able Apprentice/Distinguished Solid/Respected Neophyte/Able
Blundarbus / Cobalt Paragon/Grand-Master Solid/Grand-Master Solid/Grand-Master Solid/Legendary
Badfish / Opal Narrow/Able Solid/Distinguished Solid/Respected Neophyte/Able
Chimira / Hunter Neophyte/Able Solid/Master Solid/Master Solid/Renowned
Whitepointer / Cobalt Narrow/Able Neophyte/Distinguished

(ocean-wide Able)

Narrow/Able Solid/Respected
Warmapplepie / Hunter Novice/Able Novice/Able Novice/Able Novice/Able
Sydax's alt ? Broad/Respected Broad/Respected Solid/Legendary
Excal / Sage Narrow/Able Narrow/Able Broad/Able Solid/Able
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Pirate / Ocean Drinking Spades Hearts Treasure Drop Poker
Daviejones / Ice Novice/Able Novice/Able Novice/Able Neophyte/Able

(ocean-wide Distinguished)

Blundarbus / Cobalt Solid/Master (ocean-wide Renowned) Broad/Able Solid/Able Solid/Renowned Solid/Renowned
Badfish / Opal Neophyte/Able Novice/Able Neophyte/Able Neophyte/Able Solid/Master
Chimira / Hunter Neophyte/Grand-Master Novice/Able Neophyte/Able Apprentice/Renowned Solid/Grand-Master
Whitepointer / Cobalt Apprentice/Master Novice/Able Apprentice/Able Novice/Master Novice/Able
Warmapplepie / Hunter Novice/Able Novice/Able Novice/Able Novice/Able Novice/Able
Excal / Sage Neophyte/Able Novice/Able Novice/Able Apprentice/Able Weighty/Distinguished
Crazyflasher / Sage Solid/Able Narrow/Able Revered/Legendary Broad/Able Solid/Distinguished
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Pirate / Ocean Swordfighting Rumble Battle nav
Daviejones / Ice Narrow/Able Narrow/Respected Solid/Respected
Blundarbus / Cobalt Solid/Master Solid/Legendary Weighty/Master
Badfish / Opal Narrow/Distinguished Narrow/Grand-Master Narrow/Able
Chimira / Hunter Solid/Master Solid/Legendary Narrow/Able
Whitepointer / Cobalt Apprentice/Able Apprentice/Respected Novice/Able
Warmapplepie / Hunter Novice/Master Novice/Able Novice/Able
Sydax's alt Neophyte/Able (was Respected) Novice/Distinguished (was Respected) ?
Excal / Sage Narrow/Able Narrow/Able Solid/Distinguished
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Duty puzzles

Pirate / Ocean Bilging Sailing Duty nav Gunning Carpenting Treasure Haul
Daviejones / Ice Solid/Able Solid/Able Novice/Able Solid/Distinguished Solid/Able Novice/Distinguished
Blundarbus / Cobalt Expert/Renowned Paragon/Grand-Master Expert/Grand-Master Expert/Master Expert/Grand-Master Solid/Respected
Badfish / Opal Solid/Master Solid/Respected Solid/Able Broad/Distinguished Expert/Grand-Master Apprentice/Able
Chimira / Hunter Sublime/Ultimate Expert/Legendary Weighty/Legendary Solid/Respected Solid/Renowned Solid/Grand-Master
Whitepointer / Cobalt Broad/Master Broad/Master

(ocean-wide Respected)

Novice/Able Apprentice/Able Broad/Renowned

(ocean-wide Master)

Warmapplepie / Hunter Solid/Ultimate Solid/Master

(ocean-wide Renowned)

Novice/Able Apprentice/Grand-Master Narrow/Respected Novice/Able
Sydax's alt Broad/Master Broad/Master ? ? Narrow/Distinguished ?
Excal / Sage Solid/Distinguished Weighty/Able Solid/Able Solid/Respected Weighty/Distinguished Broad/Able
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