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Greetings everyone :D,

I'm Izzycooll on P.P and Izzycool on "Dark Seas" P.P Hope that wasn't too confusing. I am currently trying to get 30 Rogue Marks on P.P to change my name back to Izzycool

(The following note is historical, it was created August 24, 2017 at 1:49(pm or am)) "I am currently active as Izzycooll on the Emerald Ocean. I'm big on collecting trinkets so if your selling send me a message. Go to the [discuss this page] above and click the (+) above or if in logged on to P.P (Puzzle Pirates) look for me :) "

Above indicates a time when I was really into trinkets.

More about me on "Dark Sea's" Puzzle Pirates

As of December 2017, Izzycool started playing on Dark Seas-Puzzle Pirates She is currently apart of the crew White Moonlight in the "Light" faction with Captain Ryppyn . She is also trying to build her network and her exposure to other pirates. Dark Seas has opened an opportunity for many pirates like Izzy to start over and to competitively participate in game changing activities.

To learn more, check out her pirate page Izzycooll

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