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Garzamol, also known as Brent, found Puzzle Pirates on July 21, 2005 when he was too poor to pay for a 'real' MMO for a couple of months. He found that he really liked the puzzles and was even fairly decent at a few of them.
He was very lucky early in his career as a pirate and jobbed for Odin's Demise and did well enough to get an offer to join as a full member. As he was used to fancy, expensive MMOs, he quickly created pirates on all oceans to protect his good name from the likes of would-be impersonators.
He spent a few months being fairly active, then as often happens, he desired a change of pace and went inactive for quite a while, logging in only every couple of months to avoid deletion.
The desire to plunder on the high seas reared it's ugly head again in late August 2006 and he vowed to never again allow so much time to pass between pillages.
When he returned, he found a new ocean had been discovered and many of his crew mates had begun exploring the new islands and establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with.
He now spends his time between his 'old' crew and his 'new' crew pillaging and memorizing the routes of the Doubloon oceans.

Pirate Info


  • Total Leagues Memorized: 122/336 (36.3%)
Individual Archipelagos


  • Total Leagues Memorized: 8/295 (2.7%)
Individual Archipelagos


  • Total Leagues Memorized: 10/356 (2.8%)
Individual Archipelagos


  • Total Leagues Memorized: 9/289 (3.1%)
Individual Archipelagos
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