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You can find me playing as Burninator on Sage, or PM me on the forums.

Projects, aka To-Do list

  • Figure out what to do with "event" blockades in flag blockade histories: Category:Flag blockade events
  • Fix errors with Template:Flag blockade in certain flag pages: Category:Flag blockade errors
  • Keeping the Sage blockade history up to date.
  • Desire to release a GUI program (Java) to automatically update Blockade History, Win/Loss records, Island, Flag, and whatever other pages need updating after a blockade.
  • Along with the previous, write a tool to automatically add missing blockades from the blockade history to a flag's page
  • (non-wiki) Currently working on a program to graph jobbers and provide other useful information during and after blockades.

Completed (or somewhat-completed) Projects

  • Redesigned the Template for showing blockades on flag pages: Template:Flag blockade
  • Updated 356 flag pages to use the new blockade template
  • Developed a tool to apply multiple search-and-replace regular expressions to a text at once, to help with the 356 flag pages conversion to the new template
  • Wrote a tool to help with updating blockade win/loss records: Blockade RecordKeeper
  • (non-wiki) A semi-controversial replacement PCTB market data uploader client using Java Accessibility APIs.

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