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These usage notes will not be included in articles bearing this template.

  • blocknumber = sequence number blockade for the flag
  • oceanname = ocean this blockade occurred on
  • flagname = the flag
  • island = full name of the island blockaded
  • blockname = name of the island as listed on the ocean's history list. e.g. "Winter" for "Winter Solstice"
  • battlenum = number of the battle, in roman numerals. The 3rd battle at Winter Solstice would use III in this field
  • date = day of the month
  • month = month/year combo, e.g. August 2009
  • stance = Attacking or Defending, etc
  • sink = Yes/No, if the blockade was sinking or not
  • def = the defending flag
  • attack = A comma-separated list of attacking flags, which may be wiki links.
  • score = colon-separated list of scores, in the same order as def:attackers
  • result (SUBJECT TO CHANGE)
    • aw = attacker win
    • dw = defender win
    • uaw = attacker win at an uncolonized island
    • paw = attacker win at a precolonized island
    • pdw = defender win at a precolonized island
    • al = attacker loss
    • dl = defender loss
    • ual = attacker loss at an uncolonized island
    • pal = attacker loss at a precolonized island
    • abort = blockade aborted (usually due to technical issues)
    • rl = relinquished island, aka didn't defend (should this be used?)