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Personal statement

For those who are wondering: I don't want my own pirate page. Even in the third person, there's so much subtle point-of-view, everything-we-did-was-positive that it almost stinks to me of advertisement, which leads to pirate, crew, and flag pages almost subtly tearing at each other saying "look what we did right!".

I'm done with politics outside of my own flag. If you're not in Silver Dawn, I'm now officially ignoring your crew and flag affiliations. I'm much more interested in the person than the pirate.

I log on for the occassional puzzle and to meet new people and old friends. I also don't amass huge amounts of belongings ingame.

Pirate information

Diamondblade of Midnight. (with assorted greeter alts)

Crew: The Cartographers

Flag: Silver Dawn

Puzzle Pirates Code: A+(+) L Sk D++ D+++ C+ P++ Cp+ B-- Sa+ Gu+ N+++ Sw+++ R++ Al+ TP SF++ !Dr TD+ SpN++ H? Bn X+ B+ Pt+ W--- Cl F** GD++ Bx+

Sandbox examples:


  • Diamondblade's Maps ((forum thread))
  • Route difficulties ((forum thread)).
  • Maintaining the User:54x/List of Brigand King forum posts. (Note: These posts are not in anyway associated with Three Rings.)
  • Updating various puzzle-scoring articles with correct information.
  • Clarifying, shortening, and simplifying tutorial and mechanics explainations pages where appropriate, and expanding on them otherwise.
  • Pirate article cleanup.