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UK Meetup (February 2007)

From YPPedia

The logo, as drawn by Salmon. Click for larger view.

Please note that this party is an unofficial gathering for which Three Rings is not responsible.


Things are really starting to take shape now! As you might be aware, we now have 44 pirates, plus two special guests, Demeter and Cephalopod, who are coming along, making us a rowdy bunch of 46.

With the meet-up just weeks away, the ocean-cup tournaments are beginning. These are of course optional, but if you wish to not take part, please contact me, and I will remove you from the tournaments. It is also worth thinking about your pirate costume if you haven't already!

Remember, we must submit the Saturday evening meal choices within the next few days - if you haven't chosen your meal, you must do so NOW, otherwise we will have to pick for you, and this is something we don't want to do.

Keep an eye out on this page for changes, and if you spot someone out on the high seas who is also coming, be sure to say hello!

--Piplicus, events co-ordinator



The details on this page have not yet been set in stone.The party planning committee reserves the right, should they need to (which they aren't planning on), to change the details.

Chart.png Location

Hotel: Cedar Court Hotel

Location: Bradford, UK

Dates: 16-18 February 2007

The Cedar Court Hotel's website, which provides information about the facilities and other matters such as car parks, can be found here.

If you have queries about the hotel, please do not contact the hotel directly. Instead, please contact a committee member or post the question in one of the forums (see the list of external links at the bottom of the page).

The Events

Here be the manicfesto planned for the weekend

Before the weekend


Friday evening's meal will be a buffet; however, the meal on Saturday evening is a sit-down affair and you will need to choose a main course in advance of attending. The menu for Saturday evening is as follows:

  • Starter: A trio of seasonal melon
    • Accompanied by a strawberry, kiwi and orange salad with a tangy tacky lime syrup

  • Main course:
  • Choose one of:
    • Supreme of Chicken
      • Served with a white wine mustard grain sauce
    • Fillet of Salmon
      • Served with an asparagus buerre blanc
    • Leek, Oyster Mushroom & Red Onion Tart (Vegetarian)
      • Topped with a herb crumble, studded with nuggets of Wensleydale cheese, apple & apricot chutney

  • Dessert: Individual Lemon Meringue Tart
    • Accompanied with a raspberry compote

  • Fresh Ground Coffee
    • With chocolate mint thins

Please send an email to Calamarie with your choice of main course (chicken, salmon or Vegetarian).

Please note that you can request any of the main courses to be served without the sauce.
You must indicate your choice of main course by 31st January 2007 as the hotel needs to know what people require in advance of the event.
If you do not choose a main course, we will choose one for you!

The Ocean Cup

Can you out-challenge your fellow competitors, and walk away at the end of the weekend with the title of champion (and a nice prize?)


  • Using the list of pirates who are attending, locate the pirate of whom you are meant to fight.
  • Once you have located them, request to play the swordfighting puzzle.
  • If you are not on the same ocean, the pirate whose ocean it is should try and arrange for an appropriate sword to be loaned to the other players.
  • It goes without saying, but please be courteous and return the loaned swords afterwards.
  • Settings are as follows:
    • Swordfighting: Best of 3, bring your own sword
    • Drinking: Best of 1, play to 1500, 5 shapes and colours, bring your own mug
    • Treasure drop: Best of 1; no turbo, no holes
    • Rumble: Best of 3, bring your own bludgeon

If both parties agree to play their designated puzzle via different rules (for example, drinking without mugs because there are none), then that is fine.

  • The winner should record his score at the bottom of the talk page of each associated bracket; it will be manually appended to the tournament bracket shortly after. You can find a page's talk page by clicking on "discuss this page" at the top of a page, and then edit it by selecting "edit".
  • Play should only continue up to, but not including, the quarter-final round. This is noted as the 'red area' on the bracket.

The associated brackets may be found here:

NB: Brackets were drawn up at random by a fantastic random number generator created by Endolf.

Thanks, Endolf. Thendolf.


Registration (3-6)

This will be in two sittings: 3-4pm, and 5-6pm.

Official Opening (7)

A few words, welcomes, and an outline for the rest of the day, followed by some time to get ready.

Evening Meal (7:30-8:30)

Need we say more?

Ocean Cup Quarter-Finals (8:30-9:30)

The final 8 people in each division will get narrowed down to 4. Eliminated people are welcome to spectate, or they may go and have some free time.

Getting to Know You - The Y!PP Quiz (9:30-11)

A quiz! More details to come.

Last Orders (midnight)

The private bar closes! Grab your last drink and say your goodbyes - it's time to sleep!

Saturday Events

Breakfast (8-10)

Eat well. Come down for breakfast at any time, provided you're ready for the day to begin at 10.

Morning briefing (10-10:30)

An explanation of the day's events, registration for the people staying for the day, and then setting up of the events

The Bradford Fire Drill

3 events, 3 sessions, and lunch to boot! Are you ready for it?

There will be three sessions:

  • Session 1: 10:30-12 noon
  • Lunch: 12-1
  • Session 2: 1-2:30
  • Session 3: 2:30-4

During the three sessions, the three activities will run:

  • Craft workshop
  • Puzzle tutorials
  • Treasure Hunt

Craft workshop

Prepare your outfit for the evening - plus a painting opportunity for prizes!

Puzzle tutorials

How to do well at certain Y!PP - tips, tricks, walkthroughs and questions and answers

Treasure Hunt

Grab a friend and log on to all 5 oceans as you solve clues as fast as you can to win prizes

Events can be done in any order.

Free time (4-6:30)

Sit around, chat, log on to Y!PP, have a good time. Make sure you're in pirate attire by 6:30 sharp!

Ocean Cup Semi-Finals (6:30-7:30)

Watch the final 4 in each division battle it out for a place in the grand-final - in full pirate attire!

Catwalk Cat-fight (6:30-7:30)

Vote for the three people who you think have the best outfits. Don't vote for yourself. Put your nominations in the ballot box before dinner!

Dinner (7:30-8:30)

I hope you're hungry. Remember to choose your main course before 31st January 2007!

Ocean Cup Finals (8:30-9)

While the votes are counted, see la crème de la crème duke it out to claim the championship, and some fantastic prizes.

Party Down with Salmon (9:00-late)

Get down, get drunk and get funky!

Catwalk Cat-fight (9-9:30)

The top few costumes get announced. They get to pose for photos. Everyone else will vote for their favourite.

Midnight Team Drinking (late on in the night)

Back by popular demand! Play classic drinking with playing cards in this incredibly social team competition.

Private Bar Closes (1am)

Last orders. Stay up all night or head to bed, or some way in-between. Enjoy yourself!

Sunday Events

Breakfast (8-10)

Breakfast is any time. I hope you're hungry and not that hung-over.

Awards ceremony (10-noon)

The winners of various competitions throughout the weekend are announced, and given their prizes.

Farewell Lunch (noon-1)

Eat well, farewell.

Closing Ceremony(1)

Very short.

People are then free to leave and go home, or stay and chat for a bit longer.

Pirate.pngPirates who are attending

Special Guests Attending:
Art-Dark viper-Bullet duck.png Cephalopod
Art-Dark viper-Bullet duck.png Demeter

Art-Dark viper-Bullet duck.png Calamarie
Art-Dark viper-Bullet duck.png Piplicus
Art-Dark viper-Bullet duck.png Salmon
Art-Dark viper-Bullet duck.png Silverchris
Art-Dark viper-Bullet duck.png Smiler

Those highlighted with blue names are committee members and special guests.
Green names are those who have paid their fees in full and are now allocated a place.

Midnight Cobalt Viridian Sage Hunter
  • 1: Amatoria
  • 2: Angara
  • 3: Blyndpew
  • 4: Brummieboy
  • 5: Calamarie
  • 6: Debbledoo
  • 7: Glasseyes
  • 8: Oneiropoios
  • 9: Patchey
  • 10: Penguinpaste
  • 11: Piplicus
  • 12: Sassychick
  • 13: Seniorcrusty
  • 14: Silverchris
  • 15: Shazbot
  • 16: Smoni
  • 17: Chill
  • 18: Darkviper
  • 19: Flossyanna
  • 20: Hot
  • 21: Idunnomam
  • 22: Insta
  • 23: Jennygalaxy
  • 24: Kapitana
  • 25: Koudelka
  • 26: Lisbones
  • 27: Longbeard
  • 28: Midnightsea
  • 29: Missredtears
  • 30: Mznightshade
  • 31: Salmon
  • 32: Seasnake
  • 33: Smiler
  • 34: Stuggles
  • 35: Starryskye
  • 36: Kinocha
  • 37: Lethe
  • 38: Urbane
  • 39: Captaindredd
  • 40: Dibblet
  • 41: Fever
  • 42: Cherryangel
  • 43: Chimira
  • 44: Khemi

Stub.png External Links

[1] [2] [3] [4]


The photo discussion thread can be found here


A big thankyou must go out to DarkViper, who expanded upon this page greatly. Although it's been edited a bit, we sincerely thank you for your work so far!

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