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Turio is the captain of the crew Watch My Feet Shimmy and the King of the flag Shadows of the Sea on the Hunter Ocean.

Turio the First

The original Turio avatar was made in the spring of 2005, and was active for two and a half years. After that time passed, he went dormant, and was never seen again.

Turio started in Chronic's crew. Here he met several fellow pirates who helped shape his career. He soon got a hang of the puzzles, and rose to Pirate of the crew. However, the captain logged on less and less; crew members began leaving and either forming their own crew, or joining another. Turio left the crew after two-three months after joining. After leaving Chronic's crew, he followed Swashbearder to his crew: Poseidon's Revenge. Here he was made SO on joining, and became relatively lazy. He pillaged less and less, and became a Dock-Dwelling Landlubber. After constantly besting Swashbearder in Swordfights, he left the crew, not having achieved much during that time, to join Goldenjon's crew: Goldenwarriors. During his career with Goldenjon and his friends, he grew to become an Elite. Eventually, he went back to his Dock-Dwelling ways, and faded out of existence, forgotten by all but his closest of friends.

Turio the Second

After not logging on for nearly two years, Turio returned on Christmas day, 2008. To his dismay, he logged on to find his pirate deleted. However he created a new pirate with the same name, and attempted to regain his stats. He tried to lay low, as some of his old hearties still played, and he didn't want to be seen as a Greenie. However, on an Sea Monster Hunt, he ran into his old hearty Blizzardwolf. She told Swashbearder, and the ripple-effect started. A week later, Swashbearder told Wolflily, who then told Kukisuki. Kukisuki, ecstatic, quickly invited him to join the crew Zetta: an elite crew of friends.

He stuck with Zetta as a fleet officer for quite a while, dispite never actually leading any pillages. Eventually he grew more capable of leading pillages, but as the crew wished to retain their status in the ocean, he still didn't get much chance. At first, it didn't bother him, but eventually he asking his captain, Kukisuki, if he could start his own crew while remaining in the flag. After one final month with the crew, he left to start his own, Watch My Feet Shimmy (the name was suggested by a friend who played World of Warcraft who had a guild with the same name).

He quickly got the crew stats up so he could join the flag, and was made royalty within Shadows of the Sea. Time went on, and his crew grew slowly, never reaching more than 10 active pirates at a time. In Zetta, things weren't looking much brighter, there was a small dispute amongst the crew, and there was another small schism in which Ghostbuster and Goldshiner left to form their own crew Haze. Along with that, the captain, Kukisuki, had a couple issues with another member of the crew which led to Zetta leaving the flag altogether.

With Turio's crew so small, and the only other remaining crew mostly dormant (Goldenwarriors) he had difficulty keeping the flag from dying. However, since the old king, Hesback, was almost completely retired, he proclaimed himself king in an attempt to keep the flag alive. Since he took lead of the flag, he has brought it back to life; Two fairly active crews have joined: Haze and Skeletal Remains. Along with them, several crews have come and gone to and from the flag.

Within his own crew, it has grown just shy of double digits (as he does have an alt within the crew) and has multiple officers capable of leading successful pillages by themselves.

And so here he remains.

About Turio

Turio's favorite puzzles (in order) are as follow:

  1. Battle Navigation
  2. Swordfighting (frays)
  3. Rigging
  4. Duty Navigation
  5. Foraging

Turio owns a longship named Unworried Cod which was a gift from a friend.

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