Turing's Turbans

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Turing's Turbans
Left-facing Tailor (upgraded) on
Eta Island (Ruby Archipelago)
Midnight Ocean
Owner Silentwolf
Manager(s) Avasta, Rivertree, Zingman
Erected September 2004
Dusted Prior to September 2009
Building-Midnight-Turing's Turbans.png

Turing's Turbans was a left-facing, upgraded tailor shoppe on Eta Island run by the Soaring Gulls. It was erected in September 2004 under the governance of the flag Silver Dawn. It was originally a crew shoppe for The Yellow Turbans but was transferred to the Soaring Gulls upon their dissolution.

Turing's Turbans continues the basic Eta Island naming scheme of scientific related terms or puns. This building was named after British mathematician, logician, and cryptographer Alan Turing and incorprates the name of the original owners, Turbans.