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Trogo is a senior Officer of the crew Armada of Apocalypse on the Viridian Ocean.

He is lord of the flag The Wrath of Armageddon.

He is also a commander in the Harmattan Island navy in the Jade Archipelago.

Trogo can also be found in every single doubloon ocean, especially Malachite.


Given birth by a single rock in the island of Nowhere, He took a deep breath of the Pirate's land-lubbin' air, and sighed... Ordered around by a then-arrogant Captain of his sloopy, Wise Silver. Ordering him around, booting him off his sloop, what a sad day for a starter. He was overwhelmed by the kindness The Birds gave him, the once one of the largest crew on Viridian. Trogo laughed at the sight of Dongko, the then-captain of The Birds. Maladie, the first SO to command him, made Puzzle Pirates a whole new world for Trogo.

After leaving The Birds for undisclosed reasons, Trogo joined The Loyal Trojans, in which he became a Fleet Officer, Trogo was 3 months old by then. Trogo got his first sloop called, "Simple Barbel", and was given 8 dubloons for an Officer's Badge from Seaape. Also another undisclosed reasons, Trogo left The Loyal Trojans. Trogo then started to crew jump until he hit a pirate named, Nickolas. He has given Trogo a Cutlass and that cutlass was used by Trogo to slay tens of thousands of skellies, until Nickolas changed crews and the crew went dormant. Trogo left the crew and joined the crew, Naglfar. Trogo greeter pillaged a lot in this very crew, and met Ksb in one, made a good impression of himself too =D. Trogo started to memorize the league points of the ocean. Met Ksb in the inn again, he helped Trogo to get his maps and everything. Trogo became bored of Naglfar and turned his attention to some blockading crew/flags, and left to join AoA.


Trogo is a hard-core shipwrighter! He won his first Shipwrightery competition on Apple's Day 2009 for Best Incredible Shipwrighter!