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Naglfar at a Glance
Viridian Ocean
Last Captain Legolars
Senior Officer(s) Harstad, Laticus, Mepeas, Pinkyqt,
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Yggdrasil
Founded 17 December, 2006
Disbanded as of 17 November, 2016
Favicon.png Crew Info

Naglfar was a crew that sailed the former Viridian Ocean. The crew once flew the flag of Yggdrasil.

Crew history

Naglfar has been part of many flags, but it currently is the largest crew of Yggdrasil, and it's Captain, Legolars, is governor of Ansel.

At times it has had over 350 members and was the 2nd fame ranked flag in Viridian on October 10, and has even been an Imperial ranked PvP crew.

Public statement

In times of peace, the wise prepares for WAR

Extended Public Statement

In Norse mythology, Naglfar was a ship made entirely from the nails of the dead. During Ragnarök, Naglfar will be freed from the land by a flood and sail to Vagrond, the battlefield, by Hymir along with an army of giants. The ship will lead the hordes of evil against the gods in the last war at the end of time, before a new world will arise from the sea.

The ship's name means "Wraith ferry," but Snorri in the Prose Edda provides a folk etymology of "Nail ferry," urging that no dead be buried with uncut fingernails, lest more material be added to it.


  1. Manners cost nothing, use them!
  2. Always obey a higher ranked crew member (unless he tells you to do something that is against the game policy).
  3. DO NOT ask to be promoted, the rules for promotion are quite clearly listed in this page! (You may bring it to our attention that your stats are of the required standard)
  4. PTB (Permission To Board) must be requested on crew chat before boarding any vessel unless requested to board for a pillage by the OIC! Remember to state the name of the Vessel you wish to board!! SO's and above never need ask regardless!
  5. Only the OIC (Officer In Charge) of the vessel is allowed to take money from the coffers, trade commodities and split the booty!
  6. During Sea battle please refrain from all chat as the OIC (Officer in Charge) needs total concentration in order to make sure they can enable us to win the SF to win you your BOOTY!!!
  7. You must NOT leave during battle unless it's an emergency, this could be the decider as to if we win the battle or not!!
  8. Begging will not be tolerated, there are many ways to earn PoE!
  9. Lazers will NOT be tolerated during a pillage, the only people allowed to be lazing are the OIC or XO's (eXecutive Officer) as they may be doing things required by OIC's and XO's during a pillage. If you are lazing you will get 3 warnings then be planked!
  10. If you need to be absent from your PC during a pillage, you must leave the vessel so you can be replaced with someone who can work! You can come back on board afterwards!
  11. Regardless of it being your ship, if you leave it abandoned at sea, you will be Court Marshaled! The reason for this is a PvP ship can still attack the empty ship and take all your booty, and lower the crew's standing!
  12. All crew must make every effort to help on pillages in action as this is the best way to earn your PoE and gain recognition for future promotion!!!!
  13. Only I (the Captain), may expel or demote a member of the crew!
  14. If an Officer or above calls for crew members to board a ship for a pillage, you are EXPECTED TO RESPOND. Playing poker or other parlor games are not considered "reasons" for not helping your crew. If you plan on planning poker for the entire time you are online, Naglfar is probably not the crew for you.

Promotion requirements

To keep the crew standard high the promotion requirements will also be high.

Cabin person:

  • Everyone can join ^_^
  • Role: Help us on our pillages. Work hard, get paid and get better stats for future promotions.


  • Master or 1 Renowned
  • Role: A member of the crew who pillages with the crew, who has the basic knowledge of pillages, teaming, and rules!


  • To be an officer you need 2 renowneds and a master or 4 masters. Note: Do not ask for the Officer test until you fulfill the stat requirements and are sure you got the knowledge to pass the test.
  • Run small pillages, teach Pirates, assist FO's and above in the bigger pillages, Learn to be an XO and finally, yet also very important, Recruitment!

Do not ask for a rank above Officer, promotions to FO and SO is captain's choice and captain's choice alone.

Loyal people that deserve it might get a promotion even though they don't have the requirements. This will be based on our judgement, don't ask for it.


Crew web page: Here you can find all info about promotions etc!