Tower of Loom

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Tower of Loom
Left-facing Weavery (upgraded) on
Park Island (Coral Archipelago)
Cerulean Ocean
Owner Forevever
Manager(s) Allitara, Foreverchaos
Erected November 2013
Building-Cerulean-Tower of Loom.png

Tower of Loom is an upgraded weavery on Park Island on the Cerulean Ocean. Its name follows the Park Island theme of amusement park attractions.

The original building was erected in October 2004, but it dusted in 2013 and was rebuilt the same year, with the same name by Zarchi of the flag Universe A. Forevever purchased the building in August of 2014, and also owns Frock Show and Dye-Cast Racers on the same street (all next door to each other).

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