The Sullied Egg Whites

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The Sullied Egg Whites at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Last Captain Rustedblade (Left crew)
Senior Officer(s) Briankrause, Varixa (ALL are dormant)
Politics Democratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Saints and Sinners
Founded 4 July, 2009
Dormant as of 4 January, 2017
Favicon.png Crew Info

The Sullied Egg Whites is a dormant crew on the Meridian Ocean, formerly the Viridian Ocean, flying the flag of Saints and Sinners.

Public statement

Take what ye can and give nothing back! RAWR!!! New recruits are always welcome!

Extended public statement

Avast all ye scurvy sea dogs! Ye are most cordially introduced to our rather unusual crew. We pride ourselves on pillages filled with fun, just a dash of discipline and a boat load of treasure!

As The Sullied Egg Whites, we shall sally forth upon the tides to become the number one cause of cholesterol on the Viridian ocean and a whole lot of other frightening stuff.

As good a time as we want ye to have when traversing the ocean with us, we do have a few simple rules that even the most scrambled Egg should grasp.

We do not plank unless ye give us reason to. Do not give us reason to. Because we find planking rather pleasurable.

Crew War Chest: Tall Grunion ported at Prolix. Donate today!

Crew Advancement

  • Pirate: Just ask. But please learn the ropes of the game first - don't feel shy to ask for help as any officer in this crew will be more than willing to help ye.
  • Fleet officer: Hold the deed to a ship and be willing to use this vessel for the benefit of the crew in any future Flotilla's, SMH's and Cades, if necessary, that we may take part in. Must have the trust of the Captain as well as having served as an officer for some time, run successful pillages and proved their worth to the crew.
  • Senior officer: Have the implicit trust of the Captain and the two most senior officers - my Lieutenants Mellowdai and Peggymeleggy. Senior officers defer only to, firstly the Captain and then the Lieutenants. They are to uphold the high standard of this crew at all times.
  • Captain: Meh... If I'm gonna leave I'll appoint someone in meh stead.

Rules and Eggulations

  1. We may have eggs but we sure don't need spam. Spamming will result in expulsion. And don't beg either - I don't run a charity organization otherwise I'd have called us summin like the Bleedin' Hearts Club... which I didn't. So don't.
  2. If an officer announces a pilly then there is no need to ask for PTB (Permission to Board). If not then it is courteous to check the status of a pilly with the jobbing officer before boarding.
  3. ANYONE - crew member or jobber - who leaves a ship whilst it is in battle WILL receive, without fail, a -1 from their booty cut at the divvy.
  4. Every member of this crew will respect every other pirate on this ocean at all times. Everything ye do or say reflects on this crew. I do NOT enjoy shabby reflections. There will be a thorough investigation by myself and my Lieutenants into any reported bad behaviour and if ye are found guilty of it, ye could face expulsion. Think before ye speak.
  5. Practice your skills. The better ye are at yer station the more booty the ship rakes in and the richer ye'll become.
  6. The OIC is the most senior Officer in Charge of the ship on a voyage. Their wishes are to be treated with utmost respect at all times. The XO (Executive Officer) is appointed by the OIC. The purpose of the XO is to assist the OIC in running the pilly and is therefore to be obeyed when issuing commands.
  7. Learn how to team in SF and Rumble. All melees will be monitored by the OIC and XO and repeat anti-teaming offenders will receive -1 at booty divvy.
  8. DO NOT NAG ABOUT GUNNING AND NAVVING! If yer stats are good enough I'm sure the OIC will make use of them. Pillages are not practice grounds - that's what ye call the Navy.
  9. When a ship deports, station up immediately wherever you're needed. Lazers will be planked after a fair warning unless express permission to Laze has been granted by the XO or OIC. Any sanctified lazers are more than welcome to sing. XD
  10. Permission to Treasure Haul will be granted only by the XO or OIC.
  11. Kraken's Blood policy: If KB is spawned during a pillage, the OIC will trade it for PoE once ported and add it to the booty chest. It will then be divided as normal with the rest of the booty. No one gets cut out unless of course ye were planked. XD And if ye were planked it's becuz ye did something naughty.
  12. All jobbers and new crew members are to be reminded by older crew members to read the crew articles.

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