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Drunkards of the Sage

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Drunkards of the Sage at a Glance
Sage Ocean
Last Captain Jimmyuk
Senior Officer(s) Tharjoe, Djsomerfield (actually extra captains due to the crew's politics)
Organization 3 captains, titles and fair promotion
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Promotion Pays (Jobber's Delight on large scale jobbing pillages)
Flag Affiliation Dark Knights Of Sage
Founded 22 September, 2007
Dormant or disbanded as of 24 February, 2009
Drunkards of the Sage Website banner, a template will be made for lookalikes along with "Nautilus", an Open Source website theme built for TangoCMS

Drunkards of the Sage was a crew on the Sage Ocean. It was formed by Jimmyuk, Djsomerfield and Tharjoe in defiance of their past captain, Mutina.

Public Statement

Arrrrh!! Here's defyin' dirt!


The crew was orginally devised by Mennik and Tharjoe against the captain of their previous crew. "Dirt" refers to this captain for reasons only Tharjoe knows.


On 22nd September, Jimmyuk was brought into a group of plotters plotting to go against their previous crew and make an opposite crew to them. The plotters were Djsomerfield and Tharjoe. The idea was to make a crew with 3 captains: an oligarchic crew.

Today, Drunkards of the Sage grows fast, possibly faster than any newly created crew. Tharjoe supposedly regrets casting out Mennik.



The Drunkards are a crew with 3 captains: Jimmyuk, Tharjoe and Djsomerfield.

The system is a process of elimination system: If Jimmyuk leaves or his rank of captain is removed, the person with the highest stats takes the captain's hat. Captain is more of a title in this crew than a rank.


Mostly Tharjoe takes titles into account:

  • Ambassador: This is given to Jimmyuk, he can act as captain and makes decisions to join flags with this title. He controls the main politics and is the main representative of the Crew.
  • First mate: This is Tharjoe's title, it gives him rights to be aboard any boat without permission to board. He can also act as captain.
  • Lieutenant: Title carried by Djsomerfield noting his power, he is excluded from PTB rules and can act as captain.
  • Urchin: A title to be looked for, this means the executive officer will give the urchin -1 booty share
  • Bilge rat: Looked for to show people who can only really bilge.
  • Gunner: Automatically, Pirates with this title are given an order to Gun by the current XO.

Other titles are kept in the minds of the captains.


The crew tries to be fair about it's promotions:

Cabin person - New players are encouraged to ask to join

Pirate - No cabin persons rule: cabin people are promoted on sight

Officer - Needs a solid in Swordfight, Bilging, Carpentry and Sailing as well as going through Jimmyuk's Officer in Training Scheme and must be able to run a pillage and use QuarterMaster

Fleet officer- They need a high standing in Battle Navigation as well as a sloop

Senior officer - Need to be trusted real well

Captain - Just forget it

OiT Program

The Officer in Training program was devised by Jimmyuk, it is run by any of the 3 branch-captains.


To be nominated, a member needs to be ranked Pirate and have Solids in any Duty puzzle or all of them as well as in Swordfighting, however this is often overlooked. Pirates nominated for the OiT are given a Tell like this:
"You are receiving this because you have been nominated for the OiT Program, please buy an Officers Badge ASAP and contact any SO or the Captain"
All of the branch-captains must agree on whether or not the nominated Pirate can go through OiT. One Captain is then chosen to take the Nominee on a Sloop.

The Program

The Program is simple, the Nominee must target Green Brigands and Barbarians, they will Gun for the first time if they didn't as a Pirate and also Navigate.


The Supervising Officer will only do a basic duty puzzle, it is up to the Training pirate to run the ship, they are scored on:

  • Control
  • Tactics
  • Gunning Speed
  • Battle Navigation
  • Duty Reports

Points are kept by the officer, IE:
Pirate is being tested, he battled 3 Green Brigands, this gave him 3 points but he also intercepted 1 Red Brigand which lost him 1. He loaded guns in 2 minutes giving him half a point and knocked into 2 rocks losing him 1 point, he got Fines and one Excellent scoring him 1 extra point. He didn't turn about to catch ships and go no points for tactics.

A trainee needs at least 3 points to pass, the reason it's low is due to the scoring system. The system can be related to QI, although it is not as harsh.

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