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These usage notes will not be included in articles bearing this template.

This is a template in a similar vein to the My pets and My trinkets templates, except it is for ships.

There is really only one choice to make when using it, and that is whether or not you want to include the location of the ship. This is done with the location variable. It defaults to no.

Whenever you wish to use this template, you must begin with {{My ships/start}}. If you would like a caption, the variable 1 will be used (and it defaults to blank). This also needs a value for the location variable, however as with My ships, it defaults to no.

To look at a longer usage example using the Crew ships template, see Lunar Rogues/ships.

If you choose not to specify a location, the following example illustrates how it would be done:

{{My ships/start|Caption}}
{{My ships|shipname=Adjective Fish|shiptype=Grand frigate}}
{{My ships|shipname=Adjective Fish|shiptype=War frigate}}
{{My ships|shipname=Adjective Fish|shiptype=Merchant galleon}}
{{My ships|shipname=Adjective Fish|shiptype=War brig}}
{{My ships|Adjective Fish|Merchant brig}}
{{My ships|Adjective Fish|Cutter}}
{{My ships|Adjective Fish|Sloop}}
{{My ships/end}}

  • Please note that My ships/end does not take any variables, as its content is always simply |}.
  • Also, ship types with two words (i.e. all of them except for Sloop and Cutter) must have the first letter of their second word in lower-case, or else the image link will not work properly.

That example would produce:

Ship name Type
Adjective Fish   Grand frigate dock.png
Grand frigate

Adjective Fish   Cutter dock.png

Here is a similar example, but with the location parameter. Please note that EVERY template reference has location=yes.

{{My ships/start|location=yes|Caption}}
{{My ships|location=yes|Adjective Fish|An Island|shiptype=War frigate}}
{{My ships|location=yes|Adjective Fish|Some Other Island|Sloop}}
{{My ships/end}}

  • Due to some Wiki weirdness, the only variable name that can be declared when using location=yes is shiptype. Otherwise, weird things happen with the 2 variable.

Ship name Location Type
Adjective Fish An Island   War frigate dock.png
War frigate

Adjective Fish Some Other Island   Sloop dock.png